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7 Weirdest Urban Legends ...

By Melanie

I am a big fan of urban legends, but that’s understandable, because I’m into paranormal stuff. Urban legends are popular stories that are believed to be true that spread from one person to the next via oral or written communication. These stories concern humiliating, outlandish, terrifying, humorous or supernatural events. In the telling, they have always happened to someone else. It’s time to gear up and get ready for some scary, gross urban legends!

7 Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Photo Credit: Valter49

Surely, you have heard of this one. You stand in front of a mirror at night, with the lights out as you spin around and say the name Bloody Mary. When you stop spinning and look in the mirror, you will see her. You have to chant it like 20 times before anything will appear. Okay, I’ll tell you now, before you go try it, I have tried it before and it didn’t work. Not that I really wanted to see a face (besides my own) pop up in front of me in a mirror.

6 The Boyfriend’s Death

The Boyfriend’s Death Photo Credit: Kintzertorium

A girl and her boyfriend are making out in a parked car. They are in the woods and no one else is around them. When they are done, the boy gets out to go pee while the girl waits for him in the car. After waiting for five minutes, the girl gets out of the car to look for him. She then sees a man in the shadows and gets back in the car. She hears a faint squeak…squeak..squeak… This goes on for a couple of seconds when she had no choice but to drive off. She hits the gas as hard as she can, but she cannot go anywhere. This is because someone has tied a rope to the bumper and tied it to the tree. As she slams on the gas again, she heads a scream. She gets out of the car and realizes that her boyfriend is dangling from the tree. The squeaky noise was his shoes scraping across the car.

5 The Fatal Hairdo

The Fatal Hairdo Photo Credit: Beni Ishaque Luthor

A girl who was definitely into style grew up spending a lot of hours carefully teasing and spraying her hair in order to get the extreme beehive do. She even washed her hair with sugar-water so that it could harden to the style she wanted. At night, she would wrap it up carefully in a towel and slept on a special half-pillow that was designed not to disturb the hair. One morning, she didn’t come down for breakfast. Her mother went up to her room and found her dead in bed. When the towel had been removed, they discovered that she had been gnawed to death by rats.

4 Humans Can Lick Too!

Humans Can Lick Too! Photo Credit: Derek Kolb

There was a girl named Lisa that was left alone in her home as her parents worked late each night. Her parents got her a dog so that she would have some company. One night, she woke up to a dripping sound that was constant. She got up and went to the kitchen to turn it off properly and then got back in her bed. When she was getting back into bed, she stuck her hand under the bed and the dog licked it. The dripping sound still continued, so she went to the bathroom and turned off the tap properly. She then went back to her bedroom and stuck her hand under the bed where the dog licked it. The dripping still continued, so she went outside and turned the taps off. She came back to the bed and stuck her hand under it where the dog licked it again. The drip STILL continued…drip…drip…drip. This time, she listened and located the source of the dripping – it was coming from the cupboard. She opened the cupboard where she found the dog hanging upside down with its neck cut. Wri tten on the window outside the cupboard was a note that read “Humans can lick too!!”

3 Hold the Mayo!

Hold the Mayo! Photo Credit: cycle.nut66

I heard an urban legend where a girl ate a chicken at a restaurant and she ordered to mayonnaise on it. She then leaves the restaurant and goes home to eat the chicken sandwich. She discovers there is mayo on it, but eats it without thinking more of it. The next day, she gets sick with stomach cramps and is taken to the hospital where her stomach is pumped. The content of her stomach is sent to the lab for analysis. She is later informed that she ingested a cyst that belonged to a chicken. She realizes that the cyst had burst as she bit into the chicken sandwich and it looked like mayonnaise.

2 The Celebrity Urban Legend

The Celebrity Urban Legend Photo Credit: BertBeckers

Have you heard about the legend where (insert the celebrities name here) passed out on stage? He was taken to the hospital where he had his stomach pumped. From his stomach, they found many ounces of fresh semen that was enough to fill a pint glass.

1 Dreadlocks with Spiders

Dreadlocks with Spiders Photo Credit: I'mMurphy'sLaw

There is an urban legend that tells of a young man with dreadlocks leaving the barber shop prematurely because the barber had been clipping his scalp while cutting his hair. Later, he was found dead and it was discovered that lots of spiders had infested his hair and were biting him.

There are many other urban legend telling us to wash everything when you get it, because parasites could infect you, about maggots in the brain and so on. Whether they are true or not, we will never know, because they were from a friend of a friend of a friend. So, what is your favorite urban legend?

Top Photo Credit: Michael Wandelmaier

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