7 Weirdest Urban Legends ...

I am a big fan of urban legends, but that’s understandable, because I’m into paranormal stuff. Urban legends are popular stories that are believed to be true that spread from one person to the next via oral or written communication. These stories concern humiliating, outlandish, terrifying, humorous or supernatural events. In the telling, they have always happened to someone else. It’s time to gear up and get ready for some scary, gross urban legends!

7. Bloody Mary

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Photo Credit: Valter49

Surely, you have heard of this one. You stand in front of a mirror at night, with the lights out as you spin around and say the name Bloody Mary. When you stop spinning and look in the mirror, you will see her. You have to chant it like 20 times before anything will appear. Okay, I’ll tell you now, before you go try it, I have tried it before and it didn’t work. Not that I really wanted to see a face (besides my own) pop up in front of me in a mirror.

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