15 Best TV Dads of All Time ...


15 Best TV Dads  of All Time  ...
15 Best TV Dads  of All Time  ...

The best TV dads are memorable characters and with Father's Day coming up, we all begin to appreciate our dad. Whether he's your biological father, step father, or just a father figure, you probably have that one special guy in your life that you're grateful for. Let's take a look at some of the best TV dads there are and maybe help us realize our own is just as wonderful!

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Dan Conner from Roseanne

Dan Conner is hands down one of the best TV dads of all time! He is funny, he is dependable, and he is a hard working man who does right by his family. With the recent revival earning the highest rating of any sitcom show in 4 years, you know that this man is doing something right with his awesome dad-ness!


John Winchester of Supernatural

Sure, he died early on in the series, but these guys STILL reference their dad and make sure to follow the guidance he gave them in their lives... dead or not that is great dad material! While he might not have taught them the best things (hunting demons) he sure raised these boys right and that's all anyone can really ask for from a dad.


Danny Tanner from Full House/Fuller House

Though we don't see too much of him on the Netflix revival of our favorite 90's show, Danny Tanner still maintains his awesome dad ways! From his neurotic cleaning habits, to his horribly funny bad dad jokes, Danny Tanner is a TV dad that is a force to be reckoned with.


Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch

No great dad list is complete without including Mike Brady on it. So full of wisdom, understanding, and sound advice ALL.THE.TIME. this is one TV dad that will surely top any chart anytime.


Howard Cunningham from Happy Days

Oh sweet sweet Howard. So funny, so adorable, and just the dad everyone would want to have if they were living in the 50s. Howard Cunningham is one of the top TV dads of all time.


Red Forman from That 70s Show

You don't have to be the world's best dad to be a great dad. Red Forman is witty with his incessant jokes. He is a hard working man who just wants his kids to do their best and that is what makes him a good father. He shares wisdom with them (and of course it always comes with an insult for added flair) but let's get real... Red Forman is a great dad!


Phillip Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Since your dad doesn't have to be the man that created you, let's add this wonderful TV dad to the mix. Taking in his nephew and raising him, Phillip Banks is a wonderful man! He gave Will Smith (yes, his real name and name on the show) the guidance that a real father would, and showed him how to grow up into a great man. I'd say that's pretty dad worthy!


Ward Cleaver of Leave It to Beaver

The quintessential TV dad. The dad of all dads! Ward freaking Cleaver! Anytime someone refers to a "perfect dad" this is the image they get, so naturally, Ward Cleaver had to make our list of best TV dads.


Andy Taylor from the Andy Griffith Show

Andy Taylor was a single dad who was also the Sheriff. He did a great job at raising his son, Opie. In every episode, he taught an important lesson – do the right thing. Not only did he teach him lessons, he also made sure to spend time with him on fishing trips.


Homer Simpson from the Simpsons

Hey, I didn’t say you had to be the best dad to make it on this list! I know, Homer is certainly not the best dad in the world, but he sure is funny. I think he might just be the worst TV dad. He’s the perfect example of what not to be! Sure, he is constantly abusing Bart, he laughs at Lisa and he is in poor health, but I think at the end of the day, he would do anything for his kids. Remember when he acted like a robot so that Bart could win robot wars?


Eric Camden from 7th Heaven

He’s a pretty good dad, wouldn’t you say? He is the father to seven children (later, nine) and he is also the minister at a local church where he spends time helping troubled teens. On a regular basis, issues such as alcoholism, self-injury and pre-marital sex were dealt with.


Al Bundy from Married with Children

Yes, again, you do not have to be a good dad and I know he is a pretty poor (no pun intended) dad who works as a shoe salesman and really does not have any redeeming qualities. He is a loser who wishes he could go back to his high school days and be a football star again. Do you need a lesson on what not to do as a dad? Then watch Married with Children!


Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Yes, another lousy father. He pays no attention to Stewie and he makes fun of Chris. He treats Meg like pure crap. The episode where he sells Meg in order to pay off debt at a drug store is a good example of his failure.


Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie

He worked his fingers to the bone on the farm, yet he was able to laugh and give advice to his daughters. He gave his family the strength to survive the worst crises.


John Walton from the Waltons

He was a hard working dad during the Great Depression and World War II. He ran a small family sawmill, but he always encouraged his seven daughters to leave Walton’s Mountain to have a better life. He did whatever it took to put food on the table.

Those are 15 of the favorite TV Dads that made us laugh and taught us lessons. From time to time, they may have even made some cry. So, what is your list of favorite TV dads?

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What about Danny, Jesse, OR Joey from Full House? I'd kill to have any of then as my dad. Even though Joey wasn't really ever a dad, and Jesse wasn't until later, they were like dads to the three girls.

rufus humphrey on gossip girl - he's raising kids in the toughest city in the world, and doing pretty darn well by them!

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