7 Awesome TV Couples ...


7 Awesome TV Couples ...
7 Awesome TV Couples ...

As much as I hate to admit it, television makes my life complete. Yep, I'm one of those. It's amazing how much virtual characters affect and inspire our lives and once in a while, I find myself wishing I could be in a relationship like these Awesome TV Couples. I know it's all make believe but a girl can dream right? Some funny, some plain adorable, some intense but all awesome, here are my favorite** TV couples**...

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Meredith and Derek

Meredith and Derek From: Grey's Anatomy
If someone as neurotic as Meredith can find a perfect guy like Derek, maybe there's hope for all of us. Of course, their story was far from perfect but you know what they say, the harder the struggle, the sweeter the fruit. My favorite Derek-Meredith moments have to include the elevator scene where she tells him that she misses him and he replies "I can't" and then of course when they finally hook up during prom after Derek's "Man, I would give anything not to be looking at you right now" line. The kiss that followed was magical! Sure their post-it wedding was a tad lame but I'll let that go, especially after Mer's house of candles. Aww.


Claire and Phil

Claire and Phil From: Modern Family
I can't imagine ending up with someone who doesn't make me laugh and even though Claire and Phil don't quite share the same sense of humor, they are definitely a TV couple I love to watch. From Phil's constant "cool parent" ideas and tactics to Claire's OCD and need to control everything to the disastrous (but hilarious) consequences of their combined actions, this duo fit together like a puzzle!


Carrie and Aiden

Carrie and Aiden From: Sex and the City
I love Carrie but I can never forgive her for breaking poor Aiden's heart...twice. I mean he's handsome, romantic, oh-so-sweet and last but not least, forgiving of his girlfriend's horrible mistakes. What else could a woman want? Answer me Carrie! Well, I did love them together for whatever little time their relationship lasted. I guess all good things do come to an end. Why, Carrie, why?


Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam From: The Office
If you want to do cute, do it like Jim and Pam not Marshmallow and Lillypad (can't stand those two). Usually a will they/wont they romance gets tiresome but these two are so adorable that I just couldn't stop rooting for them. When Jim finally confessed his feelings and they kissed but Pam said no, she didn't just break his heart, she broke mine. I wanted to shake her up and say what the hell is wrong with you woman?! Anyway, all's well that ends well. They had the Best.TV.wedding.ever! I still get teary eyed when I watch that episode. Yes, I've watched it many, many times.


Cameron and Mitchell

Cameron and Mitchell From: Modern Family

Maybe it's not fair to have two couples from the same show but how can I possibly choose between these two awesome TV couples? I love Cameron's quirkiness and how that collides with Mitchell's uptight nature. I love how Mitch has to constantly try not to step on Cam's feelings since he's so "sensitive". I love Cam's flamboyance, especially when it's obvious to everyone but him and lastly, I love his outrageous costumes. Remember Fizbo? LOL!


Chandler and Monica

Chandler and Monica From: Friends

I'm from the Friends generation and I can watch reruns over and over again even if I know every line by heart. Rachel and Ross would have probably been a more popular choice but I'm going to go with Chandler and Monica. They're funny no doubt but I love that some of the more touching moments on Friends have been courtesy Monica and Chandler. Friendship that turns into love is just...amazing.


Homer and Marge

Homer and Marge From: The Simpsons

No list of awesome TV couples is complete without Homer and Marge. Call it cliche but for all the endless trouble Homer gets himself into, it's amazing how Marge manages to forgive him every single time and take him back. Afterall, even a virtual TV marriage of more than 20 years is no easy feat my darlings especially when you're married to someone with the attention span of a goldfish and a brain the size of a pea. We love you Homer!

And those were some my favorite, most** awesome TV couples**! Some of these gentlemen have ruined me for real men. Oh well, like I said a girl can dream right? Did your favorites make it to the list?

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Ross and Rachel are better in my opinion

Def Dan and Roseanne too!

Chandler and Monica are my all time favorite. I don't think any couple can share a screen chemistry like them. I think you shouldn't forget the chemistry between "Will and Grace".

perry and jordan from scrubs!! they are the most hilarious and outrageously awesome couple.. and monica and chandler are my absolute fav!! and even castle and beckket from castle their not really a couple but they'd also be cute together..

Kurt and Blaine (Klaine) from Glee

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