7 Best Cop Shows on TV ...


7 Best Cop Shows on TV ...
7 Best Cop Shows on TV ...

I confess, I like copshows. My dad got both myself and my mother into them, and I in turn converted the Better Half. I used to want to be in the FBI, so I like to live little vicarious fantasies through them! I have my favorites, of course; the following lists what I consider the 7 best copshows on TV.

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CSI Photo Credit: NobbiUSA

I love many of the CSI franchises. My dad and I argue over which is best. I prefer CSI:NY because I adore Gary Sinise, and dad always roots for CSI: Miami. I agree that one is awesome, but I also think David Caruso looks a little creepy. Still, he's pretty awesome as Horatio. And yes, CSI:LV is also fantastic. I mean, Laurence Fishburne, people!


America's Most Wanted

America's Most Wanted Photo Credit:  Jomo

This show has been around forever, and with good reason. I love John Walsh, what he tries to do, and why. I think he is a fantastic, courageous, and strong man, and I would watch the show for those reasons alone. But I also love all the reenactments and things, and hearing all the ways people all over the world call in tips to put criminals behind bars. Go good guys!


Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods Photo Credit: lil 1/2 pint

This is also one of my favorite newshows. I think it's fantastic! Funnily enough, Donnie Wahlberg was was my second least favorite NKOTB member (Danny was my very least favorite), but I think he's a fantastic actor, especially in this. And it's awesome to see Tom Selleck back on TV. Most of all, I love the story arc. I think it's really inventive in a genre that can easily get stale.


Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Photo Credit: Cartoon77's Album

Behaviorial Science, man! This is what I used to want to be, all thanks to Silence of the Lambs and Clarice Starling. I love this show. I love everything about this show, including all the cast members. But my favorite? Dr. Reid. Matthew Gray Gubler knows how to do hot, socially awkward genius to a tee.



COPS Photo Credit: bcmacsac1

Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you? I remember watching this show with my dad when I was just a little girl and it first appeared on our TVs in all its police chase goodness. I love the stupid crooks on here, and the funny cops, and the ensuing chases … oh man, this is just what reality TV should be. And to think, it was among the first!



Chase Photo Credit: ronhern

Another great new show, this one focuses on Texas Rangers. That is awesome. I was never a fan of Walker, Texas Ranger, but I'm totally into this. The plot lines get a little unbelievable sometimes, and lead character Annie is a little too much like Superwoman, but I'm hopeful that her heroine tendencies are going to turn into one heck of a story arc.


Detroit 1-8-7

Detroit 1-8-7 Photo Credit: Matt Knudsen

Of course this makes the list! I've been to half the places seen on the show, it's awesome! I love most anything to do with Detroit, and it doesn't hurt that this is an awesome show. Of course, I would watch Michael Imperioli in literally anything. I've adored him since Goodfellas and he was my favorite character on The Sopranos.

For the record, Bones would be on here, except that the lead character isn't a cop, so I wasn't sure if it would fit. Bones always gets props, though; I love everything about Bones. What about you? Does anyone else have an affinity for cop shows?

Top Photo Credit: eatmorechips

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I absolutely love all of the Law and Order series. They're my favorite! :)

All the Law and Orders, Castle and of course Bones!

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