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9 Things to do besides Watching TV ...

By Lyndsie

I confess, I can be something of a couch potato. I call it “research,” but really I just like reality TV trainwrecks – and House. Still, it's important not to stay glued to the boob tube all the time, as it were. Instead, here are 9 things to do besides watching TV that can pique your interest.

1 Reading

I love reading more than anything. If there's anything I can spend my time doing, it will be reading a book. You can enter into new worlds when you read a book, and most of them are a million times more interesting than anything you can find on the television. Besides, they're more stimulating, because you actually have to interact with a good book – it doesn't do all the work for you.

2 Listening to Music

Sometimes, it's so relaxing just to lay back, listen to some music, and let yourself float free. You don't need to do anything else but listen to the rhythms. Not only is it relaxing and able to relieve stress, but music is so inspiring, at least to me. It can stimulate you and make you want to do all kinds of different, creative things.

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3 Bicycling

I love riding a bicycle, and I'm so glad I now live somewhere that lends itself well to bicycling. It's safe, you can get just about anywhere you want to go, and it's great exercise. It's been too cold lately to do much in the way of bike riding, but I know as soon as it warms up, I'll be able to spend hours on a bike.

4 Walking/Jogging

Whether you like to go on leisurely walks or take more extensive jogs, this is a great activity. It can help you clear your mind and center yourself. Plus, of course, both options are great ways to exercise as well, so you can work off the TV butt.

5 Playing a Game

You can play games with your family or friends rather than watching TV, and have tons of fun in the process. You can even play games by yourself. Naturally there are card games and board games, but heck, even video games can be more stimulating than a television show. Some of them are down right education! Ahem, Trauma Center, cough, cough.

6 Having a Conversation

Rather than listening to people yak on and on about nothing in particular on television, it's far better to have a conversation with a living, breathing, flesh and blood person. Taking the time to sit down and talk to a family member, a friend, or a loved one is so fulfilling and enriching – and again, the odds are very high that you'll have a more stimulating and interesting conversation than anything you see on TV.

7 Cooking a Meal

I love to cook. What's funny is that I get the urge to tackle really incredible, intricate things … after watching cooking shows on TV. But still, the urge and the inspiration to do so at least gets me off the couch – so it still counts!

8 Going Driving

To me, there's nothing better than hopping in the car, turning the music up loud, and just driving around. As I think I've mentioned before, I particularly love to do this with the Better Half. I especially love driving where there's little traffic, whether it's the highway at the perfect time, or on old, rambling country roads.

9 Writing

Last but not least, there's nothing I love to do more than writing. Even reading is second to writing, although it's a very close second. Whether it's penning thoughts in a journal, weaving a short story, writing a blog, or working on a novel, this is the most fulfilling activity for me. TV will never be able to compete.

With people, adults and children, spending more and more time watching TV, it's important to look for other activities. You just have to be able to walk away sometimes and do something that interests you. What do you like to do besides watching TV?

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