7 Casual Games on Kongregate That Youll Enjoy


7 Casual Games on Kongregate That Youll Enjoy
7 Casual Games on Kongregate That Youll Enjoy

When I feel bored and need a pick-me-up, I like to spend some time playing online games. I’m not one of those people who are really into MMORPG’s; I’m more of the casual gamer type. I know there are many websites where you can play casual games but I always go to one site for my fix: Kongregate. I’ve been a member for over two years now. And just when I think I’ve become bored with the games they offer, they always manage to acquire new fun games. Allow me to share some of the fun and interesting casual games from Kongregate.

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Insectonator is a shooting game with different insects as your targets. You don’t just use a gun in the game; you also use a variety of knives, grenades, and even lightning to exterminate the insects. This game is full of creepy crawlies that can make people with a fear of insects feel uneasy. But honestly, after a while, the game becomes quite therapeutic.


I believe that the main premise of Convergence is that the choices you make influence the life and world you create. This game tries to simulate the course of life that we all follow: childhood, adulthood, and the twilight years. There are multiple endings you can reach because the choices you make in the game also influence the storyline. If you like games with a philosophical approach, then you will enjoy Convergence.


Wooden Path is a logic games that require you to slide blocks in order to solve a puzzle. In this case, you have to move blocks so you can create a wooden path from one riverbank to the other. The beginner levels are quite easy to solve. But the adventure mode levels are the ones that really take the cake. Wooden Path is a game that will have you engaged for hours, and even days, on end.


I don’t know about you, but I think that Tetris is one of the best classic games ever created. But if you think you’re an expert and you want to take the brick stacking to the next level, then you should give 99 Bricks a try. Oh, did I mention it has a touch of physics and the blocks don’t stick to each other? Good luck building your tower.


In Crush the Castle, your aim is to destroy the castles of all those who oppose the king’s rule. Not only do you have to destroy castles, you also have to eliminate the people who live there. The great thing about it is that it’s not as graphic and bloody as you might imagine it to be. But when you have to deal with the physics of your trebuchet and your projectile choice, I think the little bit of blood is the least of your worries.


Record Tripping combines music, literature, and simple puzzles to create a really interesting flash game. The control is also very innovative as the game makes use of your mouse’s scroll wheel. This is a game that doesn’t fail to entertain you with its music, graphics, and game play. It’s quite unfortunate, though, that it is too short.


Clockwords combines word formation and shooting into one game that will have you playing for hours. It’s not always an easy fight against bug minions that try to steal your machine plans but you have letter upgrades and the word of the day to help you out. For all you people who love word games, here’s a game you will enjoy.

In case people are wondering, no, Kongregate did not compensate me in any way for this post. I just genuinely wanted to share something that I really enjoy. Start with these highly rated casual games from Kongregate and I’m sure that you will not be disappointed with the site.

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