7 Cool Hobbies to Try with Your Boyfriend ...


7 Cool Hobbies to Try with Your Boyfriend ...
7 Cool Hobbies to Try with Your Boyfriend ...

Have you ever noticed that some couples seem to have such a great time doing things together? It’s likely because they’re not always doing an activity or pursuing a hobby the girl wants to do — they’re probably doing things they both want to do! If you want to try a hobby your boyfriend might like, I can help! Here’s a list to give you some ideas… 7 cool hobbies to try with the man in your life!

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Home-brewing Beer

If you like cooking or baking, then you may want to try home-brewing your own beer! What man wouldn’t fall, or stay, head over heels in love with a girl that can make a mean IPA or stout? It takes a little time and patience, but it’s fun, and so rewarding to drink a beer you’ve made yourself… with a little help from your sweetie!


Target Shooting

My boyfriend has a collection of handguns and he loves to shoot them at the range. I went with him once, on a whim, and now I’m hooked! It’s a little expensive, and very, very loud, but this is one hobby your boyfriend and you will both love — and you even get to compete with him!


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a very manly pastime, and is fantastic exercise, especially for your upper body… so why not give it a try? It’s a great idea to try an indoor wall first, to get some practice in, but if you climb all winter, you’ll be ready to try the real thing by summer!


Flag Football

In my little suburb of Detroit, there are a number of flag football leagues, co-ed, and it’s so much fun to play! Without the worry of being tackled and injured, we girls actually have some advantages — we’re pretty light on our feet, and so fast! Wouldn’t it be fun to play on a flag football team with your boyfriend?



Ah, golf. It’s a men’s and a women’s sport, so you may already play. If you don’t though, know this — it involves a lot of walking, which means a lot of time together. It’s also a lot of fun, if you can ever develop your swing (I’m still working on mine)…


Rock Band

It’s just a simple fact — boys love video games, and they love playing (or pretending to play) rock music. Playing Rock Band is a big improvement over playing air guitar and air drums, or singing into your hairbrush… and with so many great songs to choose from, why not try it? Your boyfriend will appreciate a bass player or lead singer, and you’ll have a chance to impress him by hitting those high notes.



Perhaps a little more relaxed than the other things on this list, but fishing can be a great hobby to try with your man. It’s calm, quiet, and can even lead to a fab home-cooked fish dinner. So you can impress him with your fish-catching skills and your cooking skills!

Would these hobbies be so much fun to try with your boyfriend? I know I love target shooting and playing Rock Band with mine, and I can’t wait to try golf… I’m not positive about fishing yet, but we’ll see! Which of these do you and your boyfriend do together? Or is there something you do with him that’s not on this list? Please let me know!

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We did rock climbing, I took my then girlfriend, now wife, to Brimham Rocks in West Yorkshire with her kids. One of them managed to climb up and get stuck, she became all tearful and scared, so I went into Superman mode! I quickly and skilfully climbed up the rocks, managed to calm the small child, and help her to clamber down to the waiting arms of her anxious mum and sister. At this point I remembered I am terrified of climbing, scared, not so much of heights but edges and falling, and was then paralysed with fear clinging to the rocks for life, eyes closed, waiting for the rock to erode so I could get down. Thankfully, my girlfriend climbed up to rescue me! I'd have rather stayed at home with her in the pink bunny suit personally speaking, although I was, still am, her hero for rescuing the little one.

i love this me an my boyfriend go target shooting all the time and it brings us closer together and not just that it gets rid of alot of stress as well :)

Sorry for the confusion, my last post about collecting was my first and last and I am not the Patrick who posted before. Reading from a mobile meant previous posts hadn't came up. Sorry once again.

Leave your man alone for 15 minutes ladies. For 90% of you, that's the best you'll have to offer in the years to come.

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