7 Brain-boosting Games for Your Kids ...

School is out, and summer vacation is here! Your kids couldn’t be happier, but mom may be a little worried about her children forgetting everything they learned in school last year. Why not try a few of these games to help keep your kids sharp and thinking in an educational way. They will never know the true benefits of these games, but they will have a blast during those minutes before dinner and they are bored!

1. Object Trace

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A simple game, but little ones love it! Take a variety of objects, and trace them on a sheet of paper. Objects to try include a fork, your keys, a cup, a small toy, a coin, a shoe, etc. Let your child match the object to the item you traced. Then, give your child a clean sheet of paper and let her trace the objects, and color them. For an older child, they might want to try drawing the objects by looking at your traced shape.

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