7 Things Being a Parent Has Taught Me ...


I wasn’t prepared for the thousands of small ways my life and outlook would be different when I had children. I’ve learned so much from being a parent, and I think I’m better for it. If you’re a parent, I know you can relate. Here are the 7 things being a parent has taught me…

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I’m Patient

I’m Patient Photo Credit: kadiwow

When I was a teenager, I used to babysit other people’s children, and of course, they were mostly all brats. I swore I’d never have kids, because I just didn’t think I’d have the patience to deal with noisy, obnoxious, horrible children. That all changed when I had my own — I’ve discovered I’m incredibly patient and understanding.


I’m Smart

I’m Smart Photo Credit: dbrekke

The first time your little one asks a science question, and you answer it in a way that makes sense, you’ll feel like the smartest person in the world. Be prepared, though, to answer more and more “why” and “what if” and “how come” questions, smart lady!


I’m Beautiful

I’m Beautiful Photo Credit: kahatch

My daughter doesn’t care about my cellulite or the slight wrinkles at my eyes. To her, I’m the most beautiful woman, her mommy. And I’m not just talking about my littlest girl — my oldest daughter, the 20-year-old, still thinks I’m gorgeous, too.


I’m Silly

I’m Silly Photo Credit: ~PhotograTree~

I always thought I was a pretty serious person… until I taught my daughter how to bounce on a trampoline, blow bubbles, and make funny faces. Next up, knock-knock jokes and maybe face paints.


I’m Kind

I’m Kind Photo Credit: Jade M. Sheldon

Above and beyond being patient, I’m also kind. I love showing my daughters that a little kindness goes a long way, towards everyone — waitresses, friends, family, teachers, TV repairmen, cashiers… and especially the grumpy ones, the ones who are harder to love.


I’m so Much like My Mother I Could Scream

I’m so Much like My Mother I Could Scream Photo Credit: *Duffy*

Nearly every day, I find myself saying something that my mother used to say, or doing something the same way my mother used to do it. When I first started noticing it, I got annoyed, but now, I’ve accepted it, and I kind of like it!


I’m Always Setting an Example

I’m Always Setting an Example Photo Credit: kadiwow

This is the most shocking, eye-opening lesson parenting has taught me — that every day, all day, I’m setting an example for my children. I just hope it’s a good example, as often as possible, and that the habits and lessons they’re learning from me are good. For instance, it’s one thing to TELL your children not to smoke, if they see you smoking.

There are so many things my children have taught me, and I’m grateful for all of these lessons. If you’re a parent, can you relate to any of these? Or has being a parent taught you something else? Please share!

Top Photo Credit: kadiwow

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