8 Ways to Tell if Your Child is in Bad Company ...


8 Ways to Tell if Your Child is in Bad Company ...
8 Ways to Tell if Your Child is in Bad Company ...

If your child has started to mingle with bad company, then you could refuse to allow their friends over at the house. However, you cannot successfully ban them from seeing those friends outside of the home, because you can’t control them outside of the home, unless you completely refrain them from going out, but then you have to send them to school. So, how exactly do you tell if your child is in bad company? Below, I am going to give 8 ways to tell if your child is in bad company…

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The Child Has Started to Backtalk

The Child Has Started to Backtalk Photo Credit: HyperBob

The child never did it before, but out of nowhere, they have started to talk back to you. This type of action could be influenced by the friends they are hanging out with. Kids have an influence over other kids and if your child is back talking along with these other signs, then he or she may be in bad company.


Ask the Other Parents

Ask the Other Parents Photo Credit: Samuli Ikäheimo

You could always speak with the other parents of the children if they are having the same problem with their kids. If they are, then chances are, the child is in bad company.


The Child Has a Real Attitude Problem

Your child used to be nice. He or she used to be very respectful and now, out of nowhere, they have a real attitude problem. Either they are just growing up or they are in bad company. It is up to you to figure out where this attitude problem is coming from.


They Talk about Other People

Your child has started to talk about other people. Not only are they talking about other people, but they are making fun of them. Is this how you raised your child or is this type of behavior coming from another child?


The Child is Treating You with Disrespect

The Child is Treating You with Disrespect Photo Credit: jesscuhh!

You sit there and wonder where the heck that good child went. The child is no longer good. The child is treating you with disrespect. The child does all kinds of unmentionable horrible things to you and it’s starting to hurt. It may just be the friends causing it.


The Child Sneaks out at Night

The Child Sneaks out at Night Photo Credit: Mourner

Oh no, is your child sneaking out at night? Have you caught them? This makes you want to stay awake when they’re supposed to be sleeping, doesn’t it? It makes you want to install a camera outside of the house and sit there and make sure they are not sneaking out. If they are sneaking out, then this would mean they are in bad company.


The Child is Constantly Lying to You

The Child is Constantly Lying to You Photo Credit: alshepmcr

I always tell my child that telling the truth is the best and I know that she watches me, so I always make sure to tell the truth, because kids love to copy people. Yeah, kids love copying people, so if out of nowhere, they have turned into the biggest liar you know, they may be in bad company.


You Have Seen Their Friends and They're Rude

The friends of your child act just like your child. The friends do not respect you and they try to walk all over you when they are in your house. The friends do not seem to care what you think. This is definitely a sure sign that your child is in bad company.

If you have reasons to believe your child is in bad company, then you should sit down and have a chat with them. Let them know that you mean business and that you do not play around. In order to succeed in this world, they need to have respect. It’s time to start teaching them this. So, do you think your child is in bad company?

Top Photo Credit: iFancheZ

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i really agree in all 8 things. I'm 16 & ever since i started hanging out with these people in 8th grade i started doing all these things . By 9th garde i was constantly sneaking out at night, smoking weed, drinking, skipping school, back talking to my parents & juss being straight up disrespectful . i ran away from home 2 time already & i really really regret doing that to my parents ; putting them thru all of tha . but i've matured , i've learned from my mistakes & now i've changed . i still hang out with tha same peolple but when they ask me yo skip school i juss na . thay call me & say all these things but i could less . is re4ally not worth it doing all those things straight up . now all i care bout it getting good grades passing my classes & graduating in 2012 ! : D

Really a helpful post.

theres no way my kid was in that band hes only 15

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