7 Things Your Kids Don't Need ...


7 Things Your Kids Don't Need ...
7 Things Your Kids Don't Need ...

As a parent, I know — kids need lots of things. But do they need a big screen TV in their bedrooms, and a cell phone when they’re only six? In my view, no, they don’t. Of course we want to give our kids everything they need, but… really… there are a lot of things they say they need, that they absolutely do not. Here’s my list of 7 things our kids don’t need… no matter how much they beg and plead!

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Designer Clothes

Designer Clothes Photo Credit: *miss*leah*

When your children are small, they have no idea of the brands of the clothes they’re wearing, so buying name-brand clothes for them at that age is something we do for ourselves only. And until they’re pre-teens, no-one cares if the jeans they’re wearing are Lucky, Hollister, or Wrangler. Not to mention the fact that they grow so fast it’ll be a waste of money!


A Cell Phone (til They’re Ten)

A Cell Phone (til They’re Ten) Photo Credit: blonboy

If your child spends most of their time with you, why do they need a cell phone? My daughter is six, and she goes to school, to swim class, and to cheer class, but I drive her to all of those places myself. A cell phone is more of a luxury than a necessity until they start spending more time away from you.


A Car

A Car Photo Credit: www.brittniwillie.com

Did your parents buy you a new car when you turned 16? Then why do we feel we have to do it for ours? Give your kids the chance to appreciate something they’ve worked hard for themselves, and reward them by matching the funds they’ve saved.


A New IPod

A New IPod Photo Credit: rohtas

Guess what? That iPod you bought for your son in 2006 still works. So why buy him a new one just because he wants it to be smaller, or hold more, or connects to the internet? Compromise, and tell him if he sells or trades in his old iPod, you’ll pay half the cost of a new one… and he can pay the other half. New models come out every couple of months, so he’ll want to think twice before shelling out the money for a new one.


An XBOX, Wii, and PS3

An XBOX, Wii, and PS3 Photo Credit: Charles Chakal ▲

I think it’s perfectly fine to buy your kids a video game console, but they really don’t need all three! Look at the advantages of each console, and help them choose the system they want most.


A TV in Their Rooms

This is a wildly unpopular opinion, but kids do not need a television in their bedrooms. That will almost guarantee they’ll spend more time watching TV or playing video games, which is the last thing kids need!


An E-reader

An E-reader Photo Credit: C♥lleen

What child needs a Kindle or another e-reader of their own, when children’s books are so easily available? And why would you want to rob your child of the experience of reading a book the old-fashioned way… with a BOOK?

We all want to give our kids the best of everything, but there’s a fine line between indulging them a little and spoiling them. Is there anything else you can think of that kids don’t really need, but are always asking for? Please let me know!

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Do you think reading only means to read an English book? I do have a same social background as of yours and cant stand e-books.

Presently I don't have kid but I agree on your post. Some parent simply dont know where to stop pampering their kids. Anything one buys for their kid should think prior buying if it is absolutely necessary or not. If you are celebrity buy your baby designer cloths but never an e-reader.

I completely agree, it's amazing what some people will buy for their kids.

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