7 Things Your Kids Don't Need ...

As a parent, I know — kids need lots of things. But do they need a big screen TV in their bedrooms, and a cell phone when they’re only six? In my view, no, they don’t. Of course we want to give our kids everything they need, but… really… there are a lot of things they say they need, that they absolutely do not. Here’s my list of 7 things our kids don’t need… no matter how much they beg and plead!

1. Designer Clothes

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When your children are small, they have no idea of the brands of the clothes they’re wearing, so buying name-brand clothes for them at that age is something we do for ourselves only. And until they’re pre-teens, no-one cares if the jeans they’re wearing are Lucky, Hollister, or Wrangler. Not to mention the fact that they grow so fast it’ll be a waste of money!

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