7 Things a Baby Needs ...


7 Things a Baby Needs ...
7 Things a Baby Needs ...

Are you about to be a new parent? Parenting does not come with manuals and we all learn from our mistakes. However, we also pay for some mistakes. There are 7 things a baby needs. Seven essential things that he or she should have and I am going to tell you about them.

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Formula or Breast Milk

Formula or Breast Milk Photo Credit: AMERICANVIRUS

I will be honest with you – I never breast fed. I mean, I tried to, but the nurse who was helping kept complaining about my breast being too big for the baby to latch hold. Okay, that is embarrassing to tell you, but I decided to just start the baby on formula and bottles. This was actually great, because then, I knew the baby was being fed and I could see how much she drank. Note: I don’t need comments telling me that breastfeeding is better. *Winks*



Oh goodness! Who invented diapers? Thank you! Could you imagine how it would be if the baby did not have a diaper? Okay, we’re not even going to get into that mess.


Clean Clothes

Clean Clothes Photo Credit: ryan.melissa

Come on, after you feed the baby and food got on his or her clothes, don’t just leave it there. Either clean it off or get clean clothes. Don’t make the baby sleep that way. I know, this sounds like a strange tip, but some people out there actually do this. There are bad parents out there…


A Teether

A Teether Photo Credit: Muffet

Oh no, a cranky baby! The baby is teething! Get one of the teethers that you can put in the freezer. Let it get cold (not frozen solid, just cold) and then give it to the baby. The baby will find this soothing!


A Crib with No Stuffed Animals

Aww – what good is a crib with no stuffed animals? Well, when the baby is small, they could easily be smothered. The stuffed animals could cover their face at night and you would never know about it. So, avoid those stuffed animals.



Attention Photo Credit: theDancingLlama

How do you expect the baby to grow without attention? Babies need to have attention. You cannot spoil a baby when they are small, so don’t worry about it. I always went out of my way to give attention to mine.



Just like attention, they also need to feel that they are loved. There is no such thing in holding a baby too much! I held mine a lot. I love the feeling of the little one in my arms. So, give the baby love and show them how much you love them.

There you have the 7 things that babies need. These may seem like simple things, but really, when they are small, they do not require much. So, are you a new mom or dad? Is there something you need to know?

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It's sad that a nurse would embarrass you about your breast size and come up with a ridiculous comment that they are too big for your baby. The beginning of breast feeding is painful. No nurse ever tells a new mom that. It takes time. The husband/partner should be involved to help get through Mastitus(sp?). Breastfeeding is the healthiest choice for your child, hands down. As for formula, I recently posted in one of our blogs, "I would start feeding my kid new chocolate formula when chocolate breast milk became available." The Chocolate formula was quickly removed from shelves. Moms, trust your instinct, your intuition, it's the most powerful tool you have. Don't listen to your moms, your friends or even your husbands, you know what's best for your child. Don't be a afraid of it even if some "profesional" tells you otherwise.

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