10 Ways to Prepare for a Baby ...


10 Ways to Prepare for a Baby ...
10 Ways to Prepare for a Baby ...

If you get the chance to have a little one, then I know you are going to be just as exciting as I was. I also understand that you may be a bit scared as you are preparing for the baby. Don’t worry, while I am not going to tell you taking care of a baby is easy, I am going to tell you that it is easy to prepare for a baby. Below, I am going to give you 10 ways to prepare for a baby without breaking your bank account…

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Borrow a Bassinet

Borrow a Bassinet Photo Credit: fensterj

You see, I discovered that most babies are only going to need their bassinet for three months. The lifespan for one of these is short. If you really want one, see if you are able to borrow one from someone. There are many expensive ones out there that you should not waste your money on.


What about the Changing Table?

What about the Changing Table? Photo Credit: PutYourFlareOn

Most changing tables are only useful for a couple of years, while the baby is in diapers. Not only are they expensive, but they can also take up some space. If you do get a changing table, you may be able to increase the lifespan by using it to store books or toys in the baby’s room. Buying a slightly used one on sale is not a bad idea. There are also playpens that have changing table features, which will save money.


What about the Swing or Vibrating Chair?

A lot of babies have a preference. If you get both of them, make sure you keep the packaging and return the one that is not their favorite. The, take that money and put it towards something that you are in need of.



Books Photo Credit: Vegan Butterfly

Most parents would like to read to their baby after the baby is born. This is great. However, for the beginning, you may only want t have just one of two books. Your baby is not going to be interested in the book until they are at least three months old. If you want to expand the library, then shop at garage sales.


Before the Baby is Born, Subscribe to Mailing Lists

Before the Baby is Born, Subscribe to Mailing Lists Photo Credit: Precious.Moments

There are many mailing lists for baby stores and manufacturers that you can sign up for. They will send coupons and a notice on the upcoming sales. In some cases, they may also send you free samples.


Hand Me Downs

Do you have friends or family members that have slightly older kids? If so, then ask if they have some toys, clothes or other items to loan or give you. With toys and clothes, most parents will be glad to see them go.


Buy Batteries That Are Rechargeable

Buy Batteries That Are Rechargeable Photo Credit: Farl

Many baby products, such as bouncy chairs and swings will eat up those batteries and could cost a small fortune, especially if they require D batteries. Rechargeable batteries are the best. Buy double, if the bouncer requires four, then buy eight. This way, you will have one set charged when the other runs out of juice.


Shop Online

When you are in need of a baby bouncer, swing or any other product, going to the department stores can be expensive. There are many sites, including Amazon and eBay that you could purchase these from.


Does Your Supermarket Have a Baby Club?

Does Your Supermarket Have a Baby Club? Photo Credit: Deckled Edge Bindery

Many supermarkets have baby clubs. These are free to join and will give you points. Sometimes, you could get cash back on purchases that you would make normally.


For Baby Supplies, Look past Those Baby Stores

For Baby Supplies, Look past Those Baby Stores Photo Credit: NaPix -- Hmong Soul

Do you need a baby gate? Well, if you look in pet stores, you could find these gates at a cheaper price. Often, you can find crib sheets cheaper at those big stores, like Target, instead of Babies R Us.

You see, there are so many ways to prepare for a baby. These are ways to prepare for the baby without putting a hole in that bank account. This way, you will still have money for diapers and formula. So, do you have any ideas that will help someone prepare for a baby?

Top Photo Credit: Shana Rae {Florabella Collection}

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