10 Things to do to Get Ready for Spring ...


10 Things to do to Get Ready for Spring ...
10 Things to do to Get Ready for Spring ...

Every year, winter seems to last longer... more time stuck inside in the cold, or stuck outside in the snow, or spending more and more on huge jumpers and thick socks! So I really look forward to this time of the year, when the new fashions come out and the weather starts warming up. It’s time to get ready for spring, and here are my top ten things to do!

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Have a Haircut

Have a Haircut Photo Credit: JenniPenni

First things first, celebrate the spring coming by booking in for a hair cut. Get rid of all the split ends you’ve accumulated over the Winter, and some of the length that will make you far too hot once it starts to really heat up... if you are feeling brave enough, try out one of the sexy new spring styles, too!


Revamp Your Exercise Routine

Revamp Your Exercise Routine Photo Credit: ErinsWorld

Your exercise routine has probably dwindled while you could lose yourself under layers of jumpers, so now is the time to revamp it! Concentrate on your arms, legs and stomach, and if you have a gym membership, schedule some time to use it! If not, mark a time to go for a walk or a jog, and check out the change from winter to spring...


Sort out Your Wardrobe

Sort out Your Wardrobe Photo Credit: *Cencula*

Hide away your winter clothes, and dig out the spring ones! Find things you can layer for the colder days, and pretty spring dresses for the warmer ones... and make sure you check what still fits, and get rid of anything that doesn’t. That will get you some spring spending money!


Plan a Picnic

Plan a Picnic Photo Credit: - ♥ Cherie ♥ -

Plan a date to go for a picnic with your mum, your best friend or your boyfriend, and find a proper picnic basket. Then start stocking up on picnic foods like strawberries and lemonade, and making cute little sandwhiches! It’s so much fun!


Look after Your Skin

Look after Your Skin Photo Credit: Opal in the rough

Your winter moisturizer will probably be too heavy and harsh for use now, so dig out or invest in a lighter choice for spring. It’s also time to find your sun cream, and check it is still in date and good enough for your skin. Then make sure you have pocket sized ones in your handbag, and your full sized ones are somewhere you will remember!



Shave! Photo Credit: * Yei *

Okay, so over the winter, it’s okay to let up with your shaving routine... but now it’s time to make an effort! Spend some time shaving and moisturizing, to make sure you’ll have the best body possible by the time it’s time to bare all!



Vacation Photo Credit: Joe Lanman

Book your vacation! Whether you can book your actual holiday, or just a few days off work and plan some events, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the start of spring. What better things to plan than trip to a water park or the circus or the zoo...


Sort out Your Feet!

Sort out Your Feet! Photo Credit: I'm still here

Schedule yourself a night to give yourself a pedicure, and make sure your feet are looking their best to show off! Also check that your shoes fit properly, and don’t leave nasty marks all over your feet... And if you’ve got enough time, manicure your hands too!


Buy New Underwear

Buy New Underwear Photo Credit: Mr. dEvEn

I can’t think of anything that makes me feel happier than buying new underwear, and I don’t know anyone who manages to keep theirs looking amazing throughout the year, so go for it and invest in some new underwear. Pretty ones with butterflies on, or lacy ones...


Spring Clean!

Spring Clean! Photo Credit: sevenworlds16

Now it’s time to give the house a Spring Clean! Get rid of anything you don’t need, put away everyone's winter clothes, clean the windows, tidy the bedrooms... set aside a day to clean your house and car. It’s really good exercise too!

I love spring, so I’ve started working my way down this list already. By the time I get to the end, I’ll be so ready for spring, and I’m already feeling summery! Have you got a way that you get ready for spring, or have you started to work down this list? I’d love to hear from you!

Top Photo Credit: orangeacid

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