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I love winter time -- for about a month. Around about January or February, I start going a little stir crazy. Of course, this could be due to the fact that my state is practically buried in snow by then. So I got to wondering, what can I do this year to make sure I don’t catch a wicked case of the winter blues? I found several options, and here they are!

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Look for Winter Activities

Look for Winter Activities Photo Credit: Grand River Conservation Authority

There are plenty of activities and events around the holiday season, but it’s that stretch between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day that really seems endless. However, whether it’s an ice sculpting contest, a museum exhibit, something going on at the local library, or local plays, you can find something to do that will make you forget about all the snow.


Pick up a Winter Sport

Pick up a Winter Sport Photo Credit: B?n

I can’t ice skate for the life of me but there are all kinds of other winter sports that can make the snow fun rather than smothering. You can learn how to snow shoe or cross country ski. If all else fails, why not buy a sled and revisit your childhood?


Stay Cozy

Stay Cozy Photo Credit: ?Moon~Goddess~Earth?

On those worst winter days, don’t try to fight it. Sit in front of the fire if you have one, bundle up on the couch if you don’t. Watch the flurries through the window, rejoicing in the fact that you’re warm inside rather than freezing cold outside -- or worse, on the road with all those crazy winter drivers.


Read, Read, Read

Read, Read, Read Photo Credit: ganobristol

Sometimes, you seriously can’t get out of the house. There’s just no way, and that’s typically what makes me go stir crazy. I start to get cabin fever, thinking there’s absolutely nothing for me to do. But there is, you know. Think back to all those fabulous snow days where school was canceled -- you can always find things to do when you’re snowed in, like reading all those books you can’t get around to opening any other time.


Movie Marathons

Movie Marathons Photo Credit: toughkidcst

This option is great with a friend or a lover -- or even a group of friends. My personal favorite involves watching all three Lord of the Rings movies in one go. The extended editions, thank you very much. Any day spent with Elijah Wood is a very good day.


Throw a Party

Throw a Party Photo Credit: The girl. Amelia.

You always get those beautiful winter nights, where the air is crisp enough to sting your lungs and the sky is so clear you can see every star. Those are the perfect nights for a little gathering of friends. Decorating your home will give you something to do, and having the people you love over to your home gives you something to look forward to besides more snow.


Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy Photo Credit: joey_joey_joey

Very important! Nothing will drag you down in the winter like getting the flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia. Even a winter cold will drag you down for weeks. However you feel about flu shots, you can still get plenty of vitamin C -- and don’t forget to take care of those rare sunny days.

I’m probably missing something, so I welcome any tips. Winter is fast upon us, after all. How do y’all cope with your winter blues?

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I wish WE could have the icy winter here.

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