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7 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues ...

By Mercy

After a lazy weekend, there is nothing more depressing than a miserable Monday morning. So many of us experience Monday morning blues and if we let it consume us, it can actually ruin our entire week. We need to get out of the rut and embrace Mondays just as we would Fridays. Here are 7 ways to beat the Monday blues.

1 Dress up

A great way to get over your depression is to doll up. Take out your sharpest outfit, the one you would wear when you want to impress a new client; or slip on your hottest shoes. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that makes you look and feel fantastic and watch as the blues fade away.

2 Indulge Yourself in Some Way

Find a way to make Monday something to look forward to. For example, maybe Monday can be the day when you pack your favorite lunch or prepare your favorite breakfast. There is no need to do that on weekends, as you are already happy on those days. Save the indulgences for the Monday blues.


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3 Turn on the Stereo

Music can really improve your mood. Turn on that stereo for some pick me up tunes and allow yourself to get into the music. Very often the radio jockeys have something interesting to talk about or joke about so let them into your mind. You will find yourself forgetting all the reasons you were miserable.

4 Plan a Movie

Why should movies be scheduled only for weekends? If you are a movie buff, grab a flick with a girlfriend or your partner. That way you have something exciting happening in the evening, and perhaps even a reason to look forward to Monday.

5 Review Your Mails on Sunday Night

Although you might prefer to resist it, it is a good idea to run through your blackberry on Sunday night and try and clear out some of the quickie mails that are sitting in your inbox. There are multiple benefits of this exercise. For one, you won’t have this constant cloud over your head about what’s waiting for you get into work. Secondly you’ve already dealt with half your work making your Monday less unappealing.

6 Get Yourself Something New for Monday

To really battle the blues, why not get yourself something new for Monday? It needn’t be too expensive, just something that you will enjoy using on this depressing day. Perhaps a new pocketbook, diary, pen or even a wallet could do the trick.

7 Meet a Friend for Lunch

Finally, call up some friends who are all probably as miserable as you that the weekend is over and fix lunch plans. Nothing picks up the mood more than the thought of good food and even better conversation. So set it up, maybe it can be a regular weekly thing and start looking forward to your Mondays.

Monday blues are easy to get over if you put your mind to it. Hopefully with the suggestions mentioned above, it will be a breeze.

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