7 Ways to Scare Yourself ...


7 Ways to Scare Yourself ...
7 Ways to Scare Yourself ...

Are you feeling a little bored and want a little bit of excitement and thrill? How about finding ways to scare yourself? You will end up tingling with excitement and have a chill run down your spine at every sound. Boredom will be completely forgotten. Here are 7 ways to scare yourself.

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Watch Horror Films

This is perhaps the most obvious of all ways to scare yourself, but it is rather effective. Watching horror flicks alone and at night is sure to get you scared of every sound you hear and every movement you detect.


Reading Horror Books

If watching a horror film alone is not your cup of tea, you can read a horror book. You can easily find horror stories on the net and reading them is sure to have you scared and jumping out of your skin.


Share Horror Stories

This is the oldest of all ways to scare yourself. Invite a few friends over. Dim the lights or put them off and light a single candle. Circle around the candle and tell each other horror stories and urban legends. You are sure to want that your friends don’t leave after the stories are over.


Visit a Haunted House

If you have a haunted house in your vicinity, go and visit it all alone. There is a reason the house is considered haunted and you will find enough to scare you. Even if you don’t actually encounter a ghost, the atmosphere of the house is sure to make you feel spooky.


Hold a Séance

If you really don’t mind encountering the unknown, invite a few friends over and hold a séance. Perhaps nothing will come out of it, and perhaps something will. But, in any case, you are sure to have jumpy nerves for the rest of the evening.


Visit a Cemetery, Graveyard or Burial Ground at Night

If you really want to get scared nice and proper, go visit the closest cemetery, graveyard or burial ground. You may not encounter anything other than nocturnal birds and animals, but you are sure to scare yourself witless by the time you return.


Let Your Imagination do the Trick

This is one of my favorite ways to scare myself. I take ideas from books, movies and stories and imagine they could happen to me. For instance, if the television is on, I imagine that a scary person may leap out of the set to kill me. Or that I will hear an ominous message over the radio or stereo system. Or I imagine that when I enter a dark room and switch on the lights, I will encounter a grisly sight. It does scare the brains out of me and I am always looking over my shoulders and straining to hear every sound.

These are just 7 ways to scare yourself. If you let your imagination flow, you are sure to find many other ways to scare yourself. Enjoy the thrill.

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In Peru there's a graveyard that offers guided visits at midnight, it's really cool and really scary too.

Or watch the twilight zone. It never fails to give me the creeps. ;)

Wow, visit a cemetery at night? u nuts?

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