5 Ways to Welcome Spring ...

By Meream

1 the Way of the Midi

Spring is the perfect season for trying out the midi skirt trend. If you've always wanted to know how, here are fabulous tips.

2 Hay Fever Begone!

Everyone will not agree that spring is a fantastic season, what with pollens flying about. If you suffer from hay fever, you will need these tips to keep you strong all spring long.

3 Greet the Rain Stylishly

Spring showers are lovely. If you're indoors, of course. For those who really must venture outside, a reliable (and stylish!) trench coat is a must-have.

4 Bright and Fab

Leave those bags in neutral colors for the colder seasons. What you need for spring is a bag in bright colors. Out of ideas? Check out Budget Babe.

5 Create Life

Excited to get a start on your spring garden? Take that first step by making your own seedling pots. The ideas listed here are cheap and easy. In other words, WE LOVE THEM.

So ladies, are you down with these ideas? Tell us what you think.

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