5 Things to Love about Summer ...


5 Things to Love about Summer ...
5 Things to Love about Summer ...

What a pretty shade of blue! If you really must buy new shoes for summer, we suggest something with a pop of color. Check out the link for more options.

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Adorable Lauren of La Petite Fashionista shared photos of her quick getaway with her parents to downtown Austin. I love the new boots she scored at a local shop!


How do you feel about beach-themed jewelry? LOVE, right? Check out the link for a pretty starfish necklace that Rebecca of The Clothes Horse found.


I'm still on the Discworld series and I don't think I will be finishing all books by the end of the summer. However, if you and your family are wondering what stories to soak in this summer, check out Amy's (Angry Chicken) suggestion.


Summer Outfit

Who can say no to swimsuits that are affordable? Head on to College Candy for great options. I am loving the nautical tankini.

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Love the summer getaway from Lauren...her boots are gorgeous!

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