5 Things to Add Color to Your Day ...


5 Things to Add Color to Your Day ...
5 Things to Add Color to Your Day ...

We have bougainvillea in a variety of colors in our house; my mom loves them. If you want to add them to your garden, check out the tips after the link.

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With the warmer days coming along, spring-pretty dresses are a must. Do not forget getting some pretty underwear, though. Check out the link for colorful and lovely finds.


Oh, how I love her bags. I am addicted to pretty fabric so this is understandable. After the link, you will meet colorful Vera Bradly bags perfect for spring.


These fun toy boxes are for a little kid's room but they are so pretty I think you can get one for yourself, too. They will make great storage boxes for your craft room or study.


Thigh high slits for formal dresses are in again. Look at the pieces Marian curated for us. Hmmm Angelina Jolie would love those.

So tell us, which of these colorful things do you love?

Top Photo Credit: Frédéric Renaud

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hmm.. Those thigh high slits are sexy

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