10 Ways to Cool off on Summer’s Hottest Days …

If summer’s heat wave leaves you feeling like you could melt, there is no need to panic. You can escape from the heat and still have a little fun in the process. With a little creativity, you might even find that the hottest days are your favorites because they offer an excuse to do something new. Here are 10 ways to cool off on summer’s hottest days.

1. Dive in the Pool

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Nothing can cool you off as quickly as a dip in the pool. Summer is the perfect time to spend a lazy day in the pool practicing your back stroke. Invite a few friends over and play a game of pool volleyball. Make a party out of it!

2. Run through the Sprinkler

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Do you remember how you coped with summer heat as a kid? Most of us would spend hours running through the ice cold water of the sprinkler in our front yards. Ditch your sense of dignity and recreate this childhood memory!

3. Enjoy Some Ice Cream

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Summer heat gives you the perfect excuse to savor your favorite ice cream. Grab some Ben and Jerry’s (I highly recommend Chunky Monkey!) and enjoy a treat. Calories don’t count in the summer time anyway. Right? Right?!

4. Savor the AC

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When all else fails, crank up the air conditioning and spend the day inside. Watch a movie or read a good book. Avoid the heat completely and thank you lucky stars that you live in a home with air conditioning.

5. Hit the Mall

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Don’t let the heat stop you from a day of shopping. It will improve your mood and you can stay cool. Hit the mall and enjoy an air conditioned days of combing the racks for a great new bathing suit or sun dress.

6. Run the Fan

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If your air conditioner is struggling to work against the raging heat, use a few fans to keep the air moving. Just feeling a slight breeze will help you cool off and keep your house from feeling stuffy.

7. Dream of Snow

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If you are truly miserable, just close your eyes and dream of snow. Think of how freezing cold it was the last time you played in the snow. Imagine building a snow man or being stuck out in the freezing cold without a coat. Trick your mind into cooling your body.

8. Make Snow Cones

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If imagining snow doesn’t work for you, then just make a snow cone! You don’t need any fancy equipment for this. Just add some ice to your food processor to get that shaved ice affect. Then add some very concentrated kool-aid and you will feel like you’ve just visited the circus!

9. Cool Compresses

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Get cooled down in a hurry by using a cold compress on your pressure points. Apply a cold wash cloth to your forehead, the back of your neck, and your wrists.

10. Have Some Ice

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If nothing else, just keep a cup of ice handy. Rub it on your body, eat it, let it melt and drink it, or whatever else you can think of! Ice is the mortal enemy of heat so use it to your advantage on those sweltering summer days.

Use these 10 ways to cool off on summer’s hottest days. You can survive the heat and enjoy your day with a little creativity. What do you do to stay cool in the summer?

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