10 Tips to Staying Cool during the Summer ...


10 Tips to Staying Cool during the Summer ...
10 Tips to Staying Cool during the Summer ...

I love the summer, but don't enjoy the sweating that comes along with the warmer weather. I try to avoid sweating, if at all possible. I thought I'd share my top 10 tips to staying cool during the summer, in order to give you some ideas. I hope you find at least some of them to be useful.

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Visit a Water Park

Visit a Water Park Photo Credit: Gary Burke.

Water parks can be a blast for the entire family. There's also usually food available at these places, so that tends to take care of any lunch needs as well. If you aren't the water slide type of person, then lounging in the wade pool or floating around on an inner tube are a couple of other options often present at most water parks. On extremely hot days, these might be a bit crowded, but they are totally worth it.


Turn on the Sprinkler

Turn on the Sprinkler Photo Credit: bbum

Sprinklers are a great source of entertainment, no matter what age you are. Kids often prefer the type that are staked out on the lawn and that send a spray of water in every direction. I've found it refreshing to plant my lawn chair in a wading pool and hang the sprinkler from a branch overhead. This is sort of like an outdoor shower and a great way to cool down.


Wear Light Colored Clothing

Wear Light Colored Clothing Photo Credit: .tomate d'epingles.

If you've ever tried to walk on black asphalt, you know how hot it gets. The dark color of the asphalt is what makes it so hot, which holds true for clothing as well. Wearing clothing that is light in color will keep you much cooler. Adding a light colored hat to your wardrobe also isn't a bad idea for the summer months. There are many fashionable straw hats that look great with most summer outfits.


Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day

Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day Photo Credit: photofool

Of course, the easiest way to keep cool is by staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. I know, this is often easier said than done. If there is something that needs to be done outside, then try to wait until it is a bit cooler in the day. Early in the morning or late in the evening are going to be times when the sun isn't quite so hot.


Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water Photo Credit: Stefano A

Being well-hydrated is important during the summer. This is a natural cooling mechanism for the body. I always try to have one or two water bottles filled half-way with water in the freezer. I fill one up with water before leaving the house, so I always have ice water available. These frozen water bottles make great neck coolers too or you can roll them on the bottom of your feet when sitting outside in the shade.


Don’t over Exert Yourself outside

Don’t over Exert Yourself outside Photo Credit: richard.heeks

Summer is also the time for a lot of yard work. Doing yard work early in the morning will make it a bit easier to stand the heat, since the sun won't be as high in the sky. If you do have to be out during the noonday sun, be sure to take frequent breaks and make sure you cool off from time to time. It is very easy to become over exerted and have a heat stroke.


Hang out at the Pool or Lake

Hang out at the Pool or Lake Photo Credit: angeloska

I know not everyone has the option to lounge by a pool or hang out on the lake, but this is a great way to stay cool. Both of these places enable you to enjoy some cool water and relax in the sun as well. Be careful to stay covered in the sunblock though. The reflection off the water will cause you to burn twice as fast as simply standing out in the yard.


Eat Some Ice Cream or Sorbet

Eat Some Ice Cream or Sorbet Photo Credit: ulterior epicure

Cooling off your insides will make you feel cooler all over. I like taking the kids out for ice cream at the end of a hot day. We sit in the shade and enjoy our cones to the fullest. If you aren't a big fan of dairy, then sorbet might be your thing. This consists of fruit that has been pureed and frozen. Yum! For busy kids, I find that the frozen juice in those long, thin plastic wrappers work best. They can head out doors with one of these in hand and not worry about it dripping down their arm.


Read a Book in Front of the Fan

Read a Book in Front of the Fan Photo Credit: Fe em Brasil

Sometimes the only option for keeping cool is with an oscillating or box fan. Thankfully, these are relatively cheap nowadays. Sitting still for a bit in front of one of the fan might be just what is needed to cool down. I usually read a book or magazine, so that I don't have the heat from the television radiating towards me as well.


Take a Cool Shower

Take a Cool Shower Photo Credit: Mr Din

When all else fails, there's always the option of taking a cool shower. You can even lounge in a tub full of cold water if you don't enjoy showers. It's similar to sitting in the wading pool in the yard, but there are no bugs or neighbors to worry about. At least with a cool bath, you can pour in some bubbles to make it a bit more exciting if you want!

I hope you find these 10 tips to staying cool during the summer helpful next time you need to get away from the heat. Do you have some helpful ways that you'd like to share on keeping cool? Let me know what methods work best for you.

Top Photo Credit: Scott Ableman

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