7 Tips on Raising Goats ...

Have you ever had goat's milk before? Well, goat’s milk is one of the best reasons to have a goat, because you can’t normally get goats milk in normal grocery stores. Some carry and some don’t. However, to get good goat milk or even keep them healthy, you need to know some tricks to raising goats. Let me explain my 7 Tips on Raising Goats …

7. Proper Environment

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Photo Credit: Red~Star

What I mean by environment being proper is the fact that they need certain areas to be stress-free and grave for food. Fields with tons of grass and different vegetation is important.

6. Enclosure

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Photo Credit: joey_foto

You need to have them a safe shelter to make sure they can get to safety in case of a storm. They don’t need to be in a storm, because lightning can strike them. They also need a place to sleep or be milked. That’s if you decide to milk them that is.

5. Feed

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Photo Credit: Pictures by Ann

Goats need a certain type of feed with their everyday grain. They need goat food along with them eating good grass. This helps them grow and stay fit for the outdoors. You can go with the leading brand of goat feed or basic feed and still have healthy goats.

4. Keeping Them Away from Stress

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Goats can easily step into too much stress when they're not well taken care of. You need to make sure they have plenty of space to graze and a place to lie down and sleep. Stress also can lead them to an unhealthy life and shorten their life span.

3. Hydration

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Photo Credit: mrbbking

Make a clean water system for the goats. They need clean water at all times and need to have it available at all times. You can make a water system that keeps water flowing all the time for them, so it doesn’t stay still and spoil.

2. You Need a Vet

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Photo Credit: Red~Star

Get a vet to check out your goats to see if they are healthy and growing like they are supposed to. They can also see if they're stressed and need certain things.

1. Attention

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Photo Credit: Mike, Julia and Baby Zach

All pets and farm animals need their attention. They feel love and they will grow like you want them too. Give them their attention daily or every time you go to feed them. They will be happy goats and be healthy.

If you decide to raise goats for any reason, you should use some of my tips. They need to be cared for at all times and need special care. They’re not too hard to take care for and make perfect pets. Do you own goats or want to any time soon?

Top Photo Credit: Joe Cashin

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