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Top 10 Time Management Tips for Every Day ...

By Kati

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just have an extra hour just to get everything done each day? I hate that feeling, so I’ve been looking for ways to manage my time better, and get more done. It’s been working really well! On the days when I feel far too busy and stressed before, I now find I have time to de-stress a little between jobs. Here are my top ten tips for managing your time…

1 Make a List

Make a ListPhoto Credit: churl

Do you always remember the things you have to do everyday? Making a to-do list makes it much more achievable, as you won’t forget anything and you’ll be motivated by being able to tick it off. I make my list on the calendar, but a normal note pad will do fine too!

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2 Buy Presents Online

Buy Presents OnlinePhoto Credit: jonmatthew photography

Do you need to find him a gift for your upcoming anniversary or is it time for gift season again? Save yourself the time of trekking around shops and working out the best price by buying presents online. Most places will even gift wrap for a small fee, which will mean you don’t have to commit much time to present giving at all. You’ll be surprised how much free time you’ll get!


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3 Make a Cleaning Plan

Make a Cleaning PlanPhoto Credit: Miss_Laurel

Write down what needs to be done everyday and what needs to be done once a week. If you have anyone who can help, get them to choose a task and write their name by it. Then ask them to tick it off when it is done. Having a plan will keep you on track!

4 Create a Routine

Create a RoutinePhoto Credit: Juggling Frogs (clkl)

Having a routine for stressful times like the school run, early in the morning can reduce the stress and make the run so much more easier! Know exactly what you need to do and leave everything extra until the end.

5 Get Things Ready

Get Things ReadyPhoto Credit: keithhull

Lay out clothes the day before, put the breakfast bowls out, plan what you're going to have for breakfast and prepare accordingly, load the washing machine. Do whatever you can to make the morning calmer, it’ll really save you time and make you feel like you’ve got so much more done!

6 Don’t Sleep More than You Need to

Don’t Sleep More than You Need toPhoto Credit: Witty Girl

How many hours of a good night sleep do you need? If it's eight hours, then having ten isn’t going to make you feel any better. Utilize the extra hours you gain if you wake up on time, and instead have a bath or complete your to do list early!

7 Break Big Tasks into Smaller Ones

Break Big Tasks into Smaller OnesPhoto Credit: CanfieldDave

Break up all your big tasks until smaller, more achievable ones. You are more likely to stay motivated and get it all done then! This works brilliantly even for a weightloss program by the way.

8 Make Deadlines

Make DeadlinesPhoto Credit: Steve-h

Deadlines can really stress some people out and if you find them stressful, this might not work for you. For those that find them motivating, setting yourself deadlines will help ensure you get things done and keep working towards getting them done.

9 Don’t Wait

Don’t WaitPhoto Credit: ckaiserca

Next time someone asks you to wait, have something to do. Read a book, write a letter, paint your nails with that new nailpolish you bought... anything you can carry around with you, and complete as you are waiting. You’ll be amazed at how much time waiting takes and how much you can get done in that time!

10 Don’t Underestimate the Value of "me Time"

Don’t Underestimate the Value of "me Time"Photo Credit: For Ashlee

Make time for yourself each day to just enjoy yourself. Have a shower, read a book, do something you feel like doing at the time. Living by lists, deadlines and schedules are excellent ways to get things done but remember to have some down time too!

I’ve been testing these for a few weeks, and it feels like the week has an extra day. I get everything I wanted done, have more free time everyday just to do something I feel like doing, achieve a lot more and helps me be more responsible. Have you got a tip for managing time a little better? Please share it with me!

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