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Are you a procrastinator? There are many procrastinators in the world today and they need help. I have decided to write a blog on 7 ways to prevent procrastination. I have never been a procrastinator – I am the type that will do it if I say I will. So, get ready to learn how to prevent procrastination!

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Get Organized

When you are not organized, then you are going to procrastinate. The first step to preventing procrastination would be for you to get organized. When you get organized, you will not have a reason to keep putting things off.


Have Self-Discipline

You definitely need to have self-discipline. When you do not have self-discipline, you are going to procrastinate. You need to tell yourself that when you say you will do something, you are going to do it!


Give Yourself Deadlines

Give Yourself Deadlines Photo Credit: Frederic Poirot

It always helps to give yourself deadlines. If a client sent me work and told me to do it when I can, it probably would not get done. Therefore, I set my own deadlines. Setting deadlines always helps. When you set those deadlines, do not wait until the last minute.


Finish the Tasks You Haven’t Finished

Finish the Tasks You Haven’t Finished Photo Credit: max_headwound

Do you have some tasks that have not been finished? If you procrastinate a lot, then you probably have many tasks that have not been finished. The second step to preventing procrastination (after you get organized) would be to finish some tasks that you have not finished yet.


Aim for Progress

Aim for Progress Photo Credit: L♥valizious

No matter what, you should always aim for progress. If you do not aim for progress, then how do you expect to succeed? Set some goals and go get them!


Reward Yourself

After each task you have completed, you should give yourself a reward. This could include buying a new outfit, going out to a nice restaurant, or whatever you like to do.


Stop Saying “I’ll do It Tomorrow.”

Stop Saying “I’ll do It Tomorrow.” Photo Credit: cattycamehome

You should stop saying that you will do it tomorrow. In fact, get that phrase out of your mind, because tomorrow seems to never get here!

There you have 7 ways to prevent procrastination. Procrastination is not something fun to have and it can create a good amount of enemies, depending on what you procrastinate on. So, stop letting people down, get ahold of yourself and be known as the guy/girl who gets things done on time and one who sticks to your word! Have you ever dealt with this problem?

Top Photo Credit: one blue wren

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That one came just in time since the new school year starts next week, and my worst problem is that I'm always procrastinating. I know if I stop procrastinating I will graduate with honors lol. Great post, LOVE it !

Nice article...I hate to admit that I am one of the biggest procrastinators :)...I just don't seem to end it. I hope I finish my final years project in time :) InshaAllah :)

I'm procrastinating by reading an article about ways to prevent procrastination. haha It's too hard when the thing you have to do is not fun. But it has to get done anyway so might as well do it early. Great post!! Comes in handy now that school started again.

Good one.

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