9 Tips for Coping with the Heat ...


9 Tips for Coping with the Heat ...
9 Tips for Coping with the Heat ...

Phew! Summer heat can be hard going, making you feel tired, sweaty and irritable. Since moving to Spain, I’ve had to learn to cope with temperatures somewhat higher than in the average English summer. There are lots of ways to cope, though, so I’m going to pass on some of the tips I’ve picked up.

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Rest Photo Credit: Princess Cy

There’s a reason why people take siestas in hot countries … sleeping at night can be difficult! If you’ve spent the night tossing and turning on sweaty sheets, and your schedule allows, then have an afternoon sleep. If you can’t, try and rest or do some relaxation.


Water on the inside

Water on the inside Photo Credit: Jamal Alayoubi

Remember that with all the sweating you’re doing, you’re going to need more fluids to replace what you lose. Drink lots of water and some fruit juice, but try to avoid or limit alcohol, as it makes you more dehydrated.


Water on the outside

Water on the outside Photo Credit: Anders Adermark

A great tip for cooling you down instantly is to hold your wrists under cold running water. You can also place a cold wet cloth on the back of your neck, and I find that wiping my arms, legs and face with cold water before going to bed helps me stay cool.



Hats Photo Credit: juju6969ca

Always wear a hat when in direct sun. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to be in the sun, for example if there’s no shade as you walk along the street, and a hat will help protect you from the sun’s heat.


Limit Exposure

Limit Exposure Photo Credit: Tjflex2

I mean to the sun, of course … Stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day, and don’t forget to apply suncream. We need a limited exposure for making Vitamin D, but don’t overdo it.


Avoid Exercise

Avoid Exercise Photo Credit: normanack

I don’t need much excuse to do this! Heavy exercise or physical exertion is unwise in the heat. So take it easy instead! A dip in the pool is pleasant though.


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Photo Credit: Fe em Brasil

Public buildings and shops are invariably air conditioned, so take advantage of the chance to cool off. Supermarket shopping can actually be fun, as they tend to b so blissfully cool! Just watch out for that wave of heat hitting you as you step out into the open …


Follow the Locals

Follow the Locals Photo Credit: bluecinderella

No, not literally. Local people know how to cope with the heat, so if you’re somewhere hotter than you’re used to, follow their example. In Spain, shops and businesses close during the afternoon, and reopen around 5pm. I’ve learnt to adapt to that timetable, which is designed to cope with the heat.



Windows Photo Credit: ortica*

If there’s a breeze blowing, use that natural air conditioning! Open all the windows and let the wind cool your home. My little flat is generally pretty comfortable this way, and I rarely use a fan.

What tips can you share on staying cool – especially those of you in really hot climates?

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I live in the south, so it's always REALLY hot in the summer. A tip I've learned from experience is that anytime it rains, open all the doors and windows wide. The sun is down, the rain is cold, and most likely the air outside is too. Anytime I do this, my house gets so cool and I love it!

I have also read from Dr. Norman Walker the many benefits of celery juice - pure, raw, straight from the stalks. Such as when you perspire heavily during a workout or feel wilted because of the out door heat, this juice will put back the sodium you have lost. It actually raises your heat tolerance.

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