10 Ways to Relax ...

It’s so hard to relax, isn’t it? I know I can’t switch off easily and I bet you’re no different. Always something to do, cell phone ringing, head full of thoughts, work related stress, personal stress — so I’ve come up with this list of ideas to help you relax. Now, I must switch off my phone …

1. Go for a Stroll

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Photo Credit: Guy Wulf

Go for a walk around town with no aim in mind. Just wander casually, looking around, stopping to glance at anything that takes your interest. A shop window display, a poster, architectural feature… anything can hold interest, no matter how ordinary it might first appear. Just look around you…

2. Visit the Park

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Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

If you live in a city, find a park that doesn’t get many visitors. I live in a major tourist city and boy, do I love finding places without a tourist in sight. If it’s not in their guidebook, it doesn’t exist, so take advantage and have a quiet park to yourself. Sit and read a good book, paint or just sit and enjoy a cupcake!

3. See the Museum

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Photo Credit: .: Philipp Klinger (In Prague) :.

Another tip if you live in a city is to find a small museum and chances are you’ll be able to enjoy a tranquil visit without being bothered by another soul. It’ll probably be much more interesting than the tourist haunts, too. Drink in the peace and quiet as you wander round, or sit and just stare at a picture. There's no better way tobeat stress!

4. Enjoy a Siesta

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Photo Credit: AehoHikaruki

This might sound strange, but I find this works best for me if I’m not actually very tired. Curl up in bed, set the alarm for 30 minutes or so, drift off and wake up feeling refreshed. Just wonderful in hot weather and awesome if you find that you can't get a good night's sleep.

5. Get Some Art Supplies!

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Photo Credit: AgniMax

No good at art? Well, who cares! You don’t have to produce a masterpiece, just have fun. Try paints, pencils, charcoal, clay, papier mache… and get your hands dirty! And don't worry, you can get amanicureonce your done relaxing ;)

6. Chat with a Friend Online

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Photo Credit: luis_versa

Unwind by chatting with a dear friend online. Send each other funny jokes and amusing pictures. The ruder the better, if you and your friend share that type of sense of humour.

7. Go Barefoot

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Photo Credit: f. prestes

If you live by the coast or near a river, dig your toes in the sand or go for a paddle. So you’re thousands of miles from the nearest beach? Go barefoot in your garden or the park, and feel the grass under your feet.

8. Read up...

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Photo Credit: boopsie.daisy

Go to the library and read every frivolous fashion magazine you can find. Ignore any serious articles – reading them will make you think too much!

9. Giggle!

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Photo Credit: Stef@ne

Have a ticklefest with your partner or child. Guaranteed tomake you laugh hysterically! And what feels better than ten minutes of giggling?

10. Get Away, Sort of

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Photo Credit: kenyai

Go on an armchair journey. Read travel books and imagine you’re in a country you’ve always wanted to visit. Really see yourself there, and enjoy a stress-free trip. No delays, no expense, no hassles, no stress!

Aren't these smashing ways to unwind and relax? I do these whenever I feel tense and need to calm myself. Do you do any of these? How do you relax? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Alex Bramwell

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