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15 Hottest Fashion Magazines ...

By Katie

I don't know about you, but every time the seasons change, I start combing fashion magazines to find the latest styles. I don't follow a lot of trends, but I love to pick up a couple of current pieces to spice up my wardrobe and keep my look modern. So, I always check these fifteen hot fashion magazines - they always give me great looks and advice!

1 Vogue ...

Vogue ...To me, this is the ultimate fashion magazine. It's always got a brilliant cover, beautiful layout and design, and I love just thumbing through the pages and looking at the gorgeous photography. I like Vogue because it has the best of the new runway looks. Even if some of the featured pieces are too pricey for me, I can usually make the looks featured from pieces from cheaper stores.
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2 Glamour ...

Glamour ...Glamour is another one of my go-to fashion magazines. I had a subscription to this one for years, but I recently cancelled because they've got such great online content. Glamour's got a lot of great lifestyle articles, too, and I enjoy reading those in addition to the great fashion tips.
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3 Harper's Bazaar ...

Harper's Bazaar ...This is a classic magazine in my mind. It gives great fashion tips and advice, and I love looking at who makes the cover each month. This magazine also covers issues and news stories that are important to women, so it makes a great read, too.
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4 Elle ...

Elle ...I love flipping through Elle! It is very high fashion, and I also see the latest news and trends in fashion. I can always find the featured looks on the runways this season in Elle. Elle also has some neat lifestyle articles and personality features, so there's a lot to see in each issue.
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5 Marie Claire ...

Marie Claire ...Marie Claire is a fun, flirty magazine full of great ideas. I love to look at Marie Claire to get tips and tricks for more casual fashion looks. The great thing about this magazine to me is that most of the clothing featured is really affordable. They also have fun, interesting articles that modern women can really relate to.
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6 Cosmopolitan ...

Cosmopolitan ...This magazine is also known by its nickname, Cosmo. I used to have a subscription to Cosmo, too, but I found it to be really similar to Glamour, and I just prefer Glamour. However, Cosmo is still a great fashion and lifestyle magazine for women, and it offers great previews of hot new looks in the upcoming season.
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7 In Style ...

In Style ...In Style started as a pure fashion mag, but now it has branched out into lifestyle articles and decorating as well. I love the celebrities featured in In Style... they do great interviews, and I always learn something new about my favorite people. They do great features on things like bridal wear as well. I loved my In Style Weddings magazine when I was planning my wedding!
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8 Mademoiselle ...

Mademoiselle ...Mademoiselle is a great high fashion lifestyle magazine. I love looking at all the photos of the beautiful clothes they feature! Like Vogue, I can't always find these clothing choices in my local stores, but I can get lots of great ideas and try them with things I can find. I like all the articles on health and relationships, too.
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9 Self ...

Self ...Self started as a wellness and health magazine, and now it has added features about fashion, well-being, and style. I think Self is a great, well-rounded magazine because you can learn so much in just one issue. I read the whole thing from cover to cover, and the clothes are really affordable. They also have a great website.
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10 More ...

More ...More is a relatively new magazine, and my mom gets a subscription to this one. She loves it, but the fashion and lifestyle ideas are a little too old for me... I think this one caters to the plus-forty set. If you're in that category, though, they've got lots of great looks for dressing well as you age. My mom loves that their health and beauty tips cater to her needs, like wrinkle prevention, as opposed to the young nightlife crowd.
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11 Allure ...

Allure ...Allure is a quick little read ... I think each issue is a lot smaller and shorter than some of the big magazines I've already listed. Allure is really focused on fashion and beauty, so there's not many lifestyle pieces. This can be a plus or a minus depending on what I'm looking for at the time. Also, some months are hit and miss with Allure ... sometimes, I love the looks they feature, and sometimes they look a bit cheap to me.
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12 Redbook ...

Redbook ...Redbook is a great magazine, and I love flipping through them, but it still reminds me of my grandmother! I don't know why... maybe because she always had them on her coffee table when I'd go visit. Anyway, this magazine reminds me of More... more suited for the over-forty crowd. Redbook has affordable fashion ideas and interesting lifestyle pieces, and they do a lot of celebrity coverage as well.
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13 First for Women ...

First for Women ...First for Women is a relatively new magazine that's got a broad scope... fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle, hair trends, cooking, home and health solutions, etc. This magazine's got it all! I gave First for Women a try, and I liked the spice and variety it offered, but I thought the fashion ideas and beauty tips were a little diluted by all the home, cooking, and time management tips.
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14 O Magazine ...

O Magazine ...I love O by Oprah, but I put it toward the bottom of my list because I believe it is truly a lifestyle magazine and covers fashion only as an extension of a woman's lifestyle. I could be wrong, but I think Oprah's intention in her magazine is to improve the lives of women, and fashion is a part of that. I love the things she does feature though because she always gives very complete information about where to order the clothing and jewelry in her magazine!
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15 Ladies Home Journal ...

Ladies Home Journal ...This is one of the oldest women's magazines out there, and it is still a classic. Like More and Redbook, this magazine caters to a different clientele than Vogue or Elle, but it still has great ideas for home and lifestyle. I love their feature stories and helpful hints!
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These fashion magazines are the places I go to for ideas and advice about hot new looks each season. Do you have another source for great tips on fashion? If so, post it in the Comments box below... I'm a magazine junkie, and I'd love to subscribe to some new ones!

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