7 Vintage Brands Making a Comeback ...


7 Vintage Brands Making a Comeback ...
7 Vintage Brands Making a Comeback ...

A few weeks ago I was shopping for shoes and I noticed something odd — a few of the brands I was looking at are the same brands I was looking for 20 years ago, when I was still in school. Which got me to thinking, I wonder what other vintage brands are making a comeback? I did some digging (shopping, actually!), and here’s my list of the seven vintage brands making a big comeback!

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Vans Price: $42.00 at shop.vans.com
Way back when, Sean Penn wore these checkerboard classics in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” where he played a stoned surfer dude. When the movie came out, every high school boy in America had to have a pair of these shoes… and now, they’re available in all kinds of styles, including cute flats for girls!



Converse Price: $39.99 at converse.com
In the 1920s, this shoe was the passionate cause of Chuck Taylor, who loved basketball and wanted to see the sport take off here in the States. In the 1950’s, rebel rock and rollers wore these as part of their defacto uniform. When I was in high school, the funkier the color or style you could find of these sneakers, the better. Now, you can even design your own, for you or your kids!



Atari Photo Credit: Telstar Logistics

Long before Nintendo or XBOX or PlayStation (or even Sega), there was Atari. Looking back, the graphics were awful, the games were repetitive and dull, and of course there wasn’t an online option or any zombie Nazis. But the consoles and games are making a resurgence, and even thrift stores are charging high prices for them. If you can find one, try it out!


Fox Racing

Fox Racing Price: $16.99 at shop.foxracing.com
When I was a kid, I had a bright yellow t-shirt with the brown Fox head. I wore it so much it eventually faded to off-white, and the Fox head was barely visible. I wish I still had that shirt, but now I can buy a Fox Racing top, hoodie, shoes, or even a swimsuit. Cool! I just wish I could find my yellow one…



Swatch Price: $55.00 at store.swatch.com
These silly plastic watches were all the rage throughout high school, and now a quick check f eBay shows me they’re a hot new collectible! Again, the more outrageous the design, sentiment, or cause, the better! I mean, really, a Cheesy Toast watch?


Sam & Libby

Sam & Libby Price: $28.00 at planetshoes.com
Back then, Sam and Libby shoes were hot, just little skimmer flats with a big bow on the toe. We wore them with drop-waist dresses and we thought we were so cool! Again, these are making a comeback, with new styles, and even with the dresses!



Benetton Some will say this brand hasn’t really ever gone away, but for years it was just hibernating. When I was in school, one of the ultimate status symbols was a new Benetton sweater… and also, the latest risqué, political Benetton ad torn from a magazine and hanging in your locker… I still love their sweaters, and their ads…

My boyfriend’s teenage daughter didn’t realize that Converse, Vans, and Fox were out when I was her age… I wonder if she still thinks they’re cool, now that she knows I used to wear them? Which of these brands have you looked back on? Do you still wear them? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: martianmermaid

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i don't think vans and converse ever went away, high school kids mostly wear either of them :)

Ooo I've always loved Benetton ads! I remember doing a project on them in college. Good stuff :)

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