8 80s Fashion Horrors ...


8 80s Fashion Horrors ...
8 80s Fashion Horrors ...

The 80s more or less coincided with my teenage years, a time when you experiment with clothes and frequently get it wrong, at least, according to your older self. I cringe when I look back at old photos and think of some of the things I used to wear! Fortunately I didn't fall for all of these.

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Were these actually about warming your legs at all? One way of looking fabulously daft was to don these knitted tubes, which made you resemble a 1930s cyclist making sure that his trousers didn't get caught in his bicycle chain.


Ra-ra Skirts

Ra-ra Skirts Photo Credit: meemalee

Yeah, lots of frilly layers around the hips. Great idea, if you want to look like one of those knitted doll covers for toilet rolls.



Neon Photo Credit: αlĸαlιne мoυѕe

What was this about? Thankfully I never fell victim to the neon craze, whatever fashion mistakes I did make. Unfortunately a lot of people did wear these awful colours, causing the sales of sunglasses and headache pills to rocket.


Big Hair

Big Hair Photo Credit: ninjapoodles

How things change. Back in the 80s, a perm was considered desirable and girls hated their straight hair. Now everyone wears extensions and has poker-straight hair. The photos of me with a perm are hidden in a top secret location and guarded by fierce dogs.


Stonewashed Jeans

Stonewashed Jeans Beware, oh younger readers. The time will come when you too will look back and shudder as you remember some of the things you once wore. Hopefully you will be spared anything as hideous as stonewashed denim.


Stirrup Pants

Stirrup Pants Photo Credit: Vegas Laveau Vintage

Oh dear God in heaven, I think I did actually own a pair of these. My only defense is that I was young and did not know what I was doing. Clothes for grannies.


Shoulder Pads

Photo Credit: myddnetwork.com

Ah, the Dynasty years. Fortunately I soon saw sense, and started taking the shoulder pads out of clothes. The American Footballer look just does not work on normal people.


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Loving the come back of shoulder pads and boss suits! Very sexy!

I love 3/4 sleeves.

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