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8 Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends ...

By Jennifer

Fall is on its way, and along with the new season comes a whole catwalk full of new and improved fashion trends! Some are just improvements on trends we’ve seen for a couple of seasons now (like the maxi dress) while others are brand new… along with my list of 8 fabulous fall fashion trends, I’ve also included my picks on how to wear them! Enjoy!

1 Surplus Style

Surplus StyleHow to Wear It: Command Attention Jacket
Price: $89.99 at
Command attention indeed! This sharp jacket is a great way to wear the military-inspired trend. Most army surplus-type jackets tend to be boxy and unflattering, but this one’s soft and feminine but still takes its design cues from the trend. Note the color and the epaulets… I love it!

2 School Spirit

School SpiritHow to Wear It: BDG Wool Varsity Jacket
Price: $8.00 at
The retro varsity look is very trendy this season, especially when worn as a jacket, like this one. All that’s missing is your boyfriend’s football letter! I love the look of vintage jerseys, too. So cute!

3 Curvy Cords

Curvy CordsHow to Wear It: BDG Ankle Cigarette Corduroy Trouser
Price: $49.00 at
Cords are always back in the fall, after taking a brief hiatus in the summer, but this fall, corduroy is showing up all over the catwalk. It’s being used as trim on coats and shoes and bags, but it’s also making a solo appearance in skinny pants, and it looks great!

4 Saddle Shoes and Bags

Saddle Shoes and BagsHow to Wear It: Shoeful of Sugar Heel
Price: $104.99 at
Even if vintage-inspired saddle shoes and heels weren’t incredibly trendy right now, these darling shoes would still be on my must-have list! I love the perky heel and the color is so gorgeous! Take a quick peek into your closet and tell me what you couldn’t wear these with!

5 Pencil Skirts

Pencil SkirtsHow to Wear It: Silence & Noise Pencil Skirt
Price: $48.00 at
Pencil skirts never really went out of style, but they’re especially hot this season. Pair them with sky-high heels and platforms — your legs will look miles long and so sexy! Perfect for the office or after-hours, depending on how you accessorize…

6 Maxi Dresses

Maxi DressesHow to Wear It: Sparkle & Fade Racerback Maxi Dress
Price: $48.00 at
Just because it’s the end of summer doesn’t mean you have to put away your maxi dresses! Layer them with cute vests and cardis to wear the still-smoldering trend all through fall! This one’s perfect, too, because it’s machine-washable and inky black, ideal for mixing with our other-color fall favorites. I love wearing them with loads of long necklaces, too.

7 Lofty Platforms

Lofty PlatformsHow to Wear It: Kid Sister Heel in Ash
Price: $62.99 at
It would be hard to be the shy kid sister if you were wearing these platform peep-toe heels. First of all, you’d be right on trend, and secondly, you’d look so posh! Wear with wild print leggings and a sparkly top for a night out with the girls, or with skinny jeans and something demure on top for the office.

8 Chunky Rings

Chunky RingsHow to Wear It: Strike Twice Ring
Price: $11.99 at
Have you noticed how many of the two and three-finger rings there are out there right now? They range from the cute (three little bunnies, all in a row) to the tough and punk (brass knuckle-inspired rings) to this one, which is whimsical and fun.

Add each of these to your wardrobe and shine this fall! I’ve already ordered a double-finger ring and can’t wait to pull out my suede platforms! Which of these fall fashion trends are you excited to try? Which is just beyond you? Please let me know!

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