9 Gorgeous Maxi Skirts ...

I absolutely adore maxi skirts, and they’re definitely hot right now. Generally defined as a skirt that covers all or most of your legs, a maxi skirt is usually ankle length or calf length, and at least falls below the knees. They’re the perfect thing to wear if you feel like wearing a skirt, but still want to keep it casual, although there are also some dynamite dressy maxis out there. There are, in fact, tons of versatile and gorgeous maxi skirts, and I’ve found some of them here!

1. Practice Your Lines Skirt

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Price: $16.99 at modcloth.com
This gorgeous maxi skirt is available at ModCloth, and it perfectly illustrates that casual look. You have to be careful with horizontal stripes, that’s true, but I couldn’t resist this piece. Part of the appeal is the color, because I love that military shade of green. Paired with the right shirt and accessories, this could be part of a really funky look!

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