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9 Gorgeous Maxi Skirts ...

By Lyndsie

I absolutely adore maxi skirts, and they’re definitely hot right now. Generally defined as a skirt that covers all or most of your legs, a maxi skirt is usually ankle length or calf length, and at least falls below the knees. They’re the perfect thing to wear if you feel like wearing a skirt, but still want to keep it casual, although there are also some dynamite dressy maxis out there. There are, in fact, tons of versatile and gorgeous maxi skirts, and I’ve found some of them here!

Table of contents:

  1. practice your lines skirt
  2. tie-dye jersey maxi skirt
  3. chasing clouds skirt
  4. jersey maxi skirt
  5. oceanic depths skirt
  6. love life maxi ruffle skirt
  7. long story maxi skirt
  8. sand layered maxi skirt
  9. always play flare skirt

1 Practice Your Lines Skirt

Price: $16.99 at
This gorgeous maxi skirt is available at ModCloth, and it perfectly illustrates that casual look. You have to be careful with horizontal stripes, that’s true, but I couldn’t resist this piece. Part of the appeal is the color, because I love that military shade of green. Paired with the right shirt and accessories, this could be part of a really funky look!

2 Tie-Dye Jersey Maxi Skirt

Price: $80.00 at
I’ll be honest, Michael Kors, the designer of this maxi skirt, isn’t always my taste. Of course, I’m not a huge fan of tie-dye either. All the same, I think this piece is so cute! The tie-dye is pretty out there, but since it uses grey and dark, midnight blue instead of bold, bright colors, I really think it works. Plus, I love jersey skirts and dresses. The material is so comfortable, and thanks to the give, it flatters all shapes and sizes.

3 Chasing Clouds Skirt

Price: $64.99 at
This maxi skirt is absolutely beautiful, and the name really fits its style and silhouette. Like the description implies, it really does remind me of a ballerina – like I could finally feel like one if I was wearing it! I love layered skirts, and when you pair that with lace and tulle both, I’m pretty much in love.

4 Jersey Maxi Skirt

Price: $50.00 at
If you want something a little more form fitting, this is definitely it. This maxi skirt is simple, elegant, and super sleek. The good news is that it’s still comfortable for all of that, since it’s also made of jersey. The fact that it’s navy gives it an edge as well, because it’s not quite as stately as black, so you can really jazz it up with some accessories.

5 Oceanic Depths Skirt

Price: $19.99 at
This is one of the most gorgeous maxi skirts I’ve ever seen. I love the styling on there. It’s kind of tie-dye inspired as well, but more than anything, it is really evocative of a kind of watercolor pattern. The color scheme is really original as well; it features the kind of green you’d see in the sea, along with a mix of black and blue.

6 Love Life Maxi Ruffle Skirt

Price: $32.99 at
If you are more into something casual, this is a great choice. Both the color and the silhouette make the skirt casual as well as cute. However, there are plenty of ways you can dress it up if you want something a little fancier. I have to tell you, even the picture looks super comfortable.

7 Long Story Maxi Skirt

Price: $44.99 at
I don’t know what it is about this skirt, exactly, but I just love it. Despite the fact that it’s not incredibly embellished, it’s still a really gorgeous maxi skirt. It has flared panels, zippers you can’t outwardly see, and the silhouette reminds me of a princess skirt. I just love the color, too. This is the kind of skirt that lends itself incredibly well to boho style!

8 Sand Layered Maxi Skirt

Price: $80.00 at
Several things drew me to this skirt. For one thing, I love the color. A little beige, a little pink, there’s something incredibly soft and feminine about it. I just love the style as well. Those layers are gorgeous, and I adore the fact that you can see the short skirt peeking out beneath that longer, sheer layer. It’s lovely!

9 Always Play Flare Skirt

Price: $57.99 at
Now, I have to preface this by telling you that I am not a fan of orange. The color looks awful on me and I’ve just never been very into it. This bold bright maxi, however, captured my attention and my fancy right away. It’s just so bright, it reminds me of both autumn and summer at the same time. The sheer quality of the outer layer is delicious as well.

These are definitely some gorgeous maxi skirts, and I’m thinking it’s time to go shopping. Most of them would be perfect even for the slowly warming temperatures. Now that it’s getting warmer, what kinds of skirts do you most want to wear?

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