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8 Cutest Pajamas for Women ...

By Jordin

I will confess-I sort of collect pajamas, and I adore finding the cutest pajamas for women! I love having a different pair of PJ's for every night of the week! I lounge around the house in my pajamas and I love trying out different styles and fabrics. Whether you are looking to buy for yourself or a friend, you will find many pajamas for women in my article! I have gone through and selected my personal favorites for you to enjoy browsing! Please keep on reading to see 8 cutest pajamas for women!

Table of contents:

  1. sesame street cookie monster pj set
  2. calypso st. barth for target womens sleep cami set
  3. nick and nora coat set
  4. hello kitty and friends screen print crop pant/tee pajama set
  5. disney tinker bell angel fleece pant 2 piece pajama set
  6. n&n womens jungle rose collection
  7. gilligan & o'malley womens fluid knit sleepwear
  8. gilligan & o'malley women's sleepwear collection

1 Sesame Street Cookie Monster PJ Set

Price: $9.99-$14.99 at

Bring out your fun-loving side and your inner child with this cookie monster PJ set! It's one of the absolute cutest pajamas for women! I love the capri style bottoms, I find that they are more comfortable than the longer style. You will love lounging around the house on lazy days in these cute PJ's as well as wearing them to bed.

2 Calypso St. Barth for Target Womens Sleep Cami Set

Price: $24.99 at

This white cami sleep set is just what you need to feel feminine and girly! I'm in love with the ruffles and the totally innocent vibe! Shorts are super comfortable to sleep in and if you have a husband, I'm sure he won't mind seeing you model these around the house for him! You will both love this cute cami set!

3 Nick and Nora Coat Set

Price: $24.99 at

A bit more of the traditional style, this PJ set is still one of the cutest pajamas for women! The little cloud design makes me want to snuggle right up and go to sleep! These pajamas look like they would be super warm and soft. I'm sure you will want to cuddle up and get a nice night's worth of sleep every time you wear them!

4 Hello Kitty and Friends Screen Print Crop Pant/Tee Pajama Set

Price: $29.99 at

These are the absolute most adorable pajamas ever! I love the smooth fit and the colors. Pink and black just go so well together! Even if you are not a Hello Kitty fan, you gotta admit these pajamas are super cute! Snatch these up while they are available for the taking! I'm next in line!

5 Disney Tinker Bell Angel Fleece Pant 2 Piece Pajama Set

Price: $17.48 at

Tinker Bell is so cute! When I was a teenager, my car and my bedroom were all decorated in Tinker Bell stuff! I'm pretty sure I probably had a few T-shirts as well! But I never had Tinker Bell PJ's. So now you can! Grab these up before someone else does!

6 N&N Womens Jungle Rose Collection

Price: $13.00- $24.99 at

Take a walk on the wild side! These leopard and rose print mixture pajamas are very unique and interesting, just like you! You will feel comfortable and sexy at the same time in these daring duds! I've always loved animal prints, but it can be hard to pull off an outfit in animal print. But with your pajamas you can go totally wild, so just do it!

7 Gilligan & O'Malley Womens Fluid Knit Sleepwear

Price: $12.99 at

For the lady who craves ultra comfort minus the fuss, these PJ's are the ones for you! I love the bright color! But then I've always loved bright colors! This material will be ultra soft and very comfy for sleeping or just laying around on lazy days. Don't pass up this great deal! $12.99 is a steal!

8 Gilligan & O'Malley Women's Sleepwear Collection

Price: $12.99- $17.99 at

Maybe you're not so much of a pajamas type of girl. If you crave the sexy sophistication of nighties and shifts, here is the best deal for you! This is the cutest pajamas for women in the nighties section! I love it! I know you will too. The lace on top adds an extra feminine touch and the colors are sultry and steamy.

I hope you were able to find a pair of PJ's that you love from my list of cutest pajamas for women! There's no need for you to lounge around the house in your yucky sweats. Choose one of these cutest pajamas for women! You will be so glad you did! Which of these is your favorite?

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