8 Fabulous British Shops ...

The British High Street is weathering the storms of economic turmoil with style and confidence. In every High Street you’ll find a range of outlets offering top quality merchandise well-designed, well-made and representing great value. Here are 8 fabulous British shops:

1. Harvey Nichols

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Photo Credit: physisdailynews.co.uk
Harvey Nichols is the epitome of a fabulous British Shop. The flagship store opened in the 1880s in London and since then it has come to represent the utmost in glamour, luxury, and the latest in fashion trends. The store now boasts eight floors of world-leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle collections with the Fifth Floor dedicated to Food and Restaurants. Since 1996, Harvey Nichols has opened new stores across the UK, as well as overseas, and there is now a thriving online business, harveynichols.com bringing the best in fashion, beauty and lifestyle to the rest of the world.

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