7 Funky Water Bottles for Your Office ...

When you work in the corporate world, it's the little things that get noticed -- for example, your water bottle; you want something that reflects your personality, and believe it or not, finding the right funky water bottles for your office is important! I work in a sales office and trust me, if you are toting around a crappy water bottle, people are going to look at you strange (okay, so I know from experience because I tote around a used Fuji water bottle myself, don't hate). When I went on the hunt for a brand new water bottle to upgrade from my used Fuji bottle, I had no idea just how many choices were out there! That is what inspired this list of funky water bottles for your office!

1. Let's Chill Re-Useable Bottle

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Price: $14.99 at modcloth.com
One of my biggest pet peeves is having my ice cold water sit and the condensation build and drip and get all over my desk; it makes a huge mess and half of the time, the water gets around my keyboard. Well ladies, this little water bottle solves my pet peeve and with the wavy, clear design it looks fashionable. How does it work? The teal/fuschia (your choice!) inner chamber is what the water goes in. That means that all of the condensation collects in the clear portion of the bottle instead of sliding down it and onto your desk. How friggin' ingenuous is that?

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