10 Animal Print Items to Go Wild for ...

Animal Print Items are all the rage right now, in clothing and accessories. Everywhere you look, you see leopard, zebra, and cheetah, because animal print items really are such a hot topic. Some people love it while others loathe it. Personally, I am a fan. Used correctly, it can inject just the right amount of fun into an outfit. See if you agree, by taking a look at the following hot animal print items to go wild for!

1. Madden Girl Leopard Print Wedge

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Price: $49.46 at zappos.com
Shoes may be the most popular animal print items you can find right now, and the wedge in particular is the hot shoe shape for the season. This one, from high street fashion brand Madden Girl, takes it to a whole new level with this leopard print design. This sleek, eye-catching number is the perfect shoe to take you from day to night. Definitely get your hands on a pair while you can!

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