5 Things Glittery and Fab ...


5 Things Glittery and Fab ...
5 Things Glittery and Fab ...

Look at the wonderful drawings a fashion illustrator made of Susie Bubble. I am definitely loving the touch of glitter.

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Check out these 3 looks perfect for plus-size ladies. Glitter is beautifully represented by the bling. I love that ASOS cuff in the first look.


How do you give a military jacket that feminine touch? By wearing it with a gold sequin mini skirt, that's how. I am in love with this look, I tell you.


Take a look at this all-around glitter crayon from the NARS Summer 2011 collection. Isn't it gorgeous? You can use it to line, highlight, or as a base for powder shadows.


Check out the glittery pieces College Candy curated. I got dibs on the gold boat shoes from Forever21. So cute!

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I'm nuts about Forever 21!

heyyyy I truly like this post,I love to draw and i've been always searching something for draw in that style but I din't know what was the properly marker so thanks you saved me hahahaha

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