8 Funky Stress Balls That Work ...


So I have a confession, not only do I write for this awesome blog, but I also work in an office. As many of you probably already know (or maybe you've watched Office Space because I swear, my office is just like that), office work is boring. How do I supplement my day? Well, with funky stress balls that work of course! Whenever I get a hard customer on the phone (or a bride that is a little … special), I grab my hard hat (because that is what I have) stress ball and give it a squeeze. This gave me an idea, how many other funky stress balls that work are out there? Fear not office-dwellers, I have compiled a list for you and below, we'll go over some of the strangest and coolest I've seen!

1. Cupcake


Price: $4.99 at amazon.com

This is the perfect little funky stress ball that works! The sweet cupcake is ideal for anyone looking to squeeze something cute and soft! Not only is it pink and squishy but it is a great conversation piece too! Just stick the little sucker right in your filing cabinet drawer or even right on your desk and as soon as someone starts to scream at you in person … or on the phone, bring it out and honest to goodness, this will put a smile on your face. Or hey, if you still are feeling stressed, how many times have you wanted to throw a cupcake at a co-worker? Now you can do it without the mess!

Panic Pete
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