8 Funky Stress Balls That Work ...


8 Funky Stress Balls That Work ...
8 Funky Stress Balls That Work ...

So I have a confession, not only do I write for this awesome blog, but I also work in an office. As many of you probably already know (or maybe you've watched Office Space because I swear, my office is just like that), office work is boring. How do I supplement my day? Well, with funky stress balls that work of course! Whenever I get a hard customer on the phone (or a bride that is a little … special), I grab my hard hat (because that is what I have) stress ball and give it a squeeze. This gave me an idea, how many other funky stress balls that work are out there? Fear not office-dwellers, I have compiled a list for you and below, we'll go over some of the strangest and coolest I've seen!

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Cupcake Price: $4.99 at amazon.com
This is the perfect little funky stress ball that works! The sweet cupcake is ideal for anyone looking to squeeze something cute and soft! Not only is it pink and squishy but it is a great conversation piece too! Just stick the little sucker right in your filing cabinet drawer or even right on your desk and as soon as someone starts to scream at you in person … or on the phone, bring it out and honest to goodness, this will put a smile on your face. Or hey, if you still are feeling stressed, how many times have you wanted to throw a cupcake at a co-worker? Now you can do it without the mess!


Panic Pete

Panic Pete Price: $5.85 at amazon.com
Panic Pete is one funky stress ball that works which has been around for years! I remember shopping in cool little gift stores and always giving him a squeeze. Panic Pete is a stress ball that I would love to have, not only because he is filled with sand instead of foam but also because his eyes pop out, his nose pops out and his ears pop out. If I had a Panic Pete at my desk, I know I would imagine that he was whatever difficult customer I was speaking with and I was squeezing them to get them to shut up. He's not only a stress reliever, he's an anger management doll too!


Stress Paul

Stress Paul Price: $14.93 at amazon.com
Maybe you are like me and you want to squeeze something that feels different than the average stress ball. Stress Paul is what this little guy is called. With just a few squeezes of his soft and squishy purple body, you'll feel the stress melt right away – at least until the next time you get stressed out. The look of Paul is exactly how I feel whenever I get stressed out, so while I can't climb under my desk in the fetal position, at least I can squeeze someone in the fetal position to make my stress go away!


Zebra Print

Zebra Print Price: $2.95 at amazon.com
This is one funky stress ball that works which was actually inspired by Jerseylicious. Do you all watch that show? The two girls on there are obsessed with animal print and what do you think that they squeeze whenever they are stressed out? A decked out safari stress ball of course! You can get this little ball in zebra, leopard or even cheetah!


Hot Dog

Hot Dog Price: $5.04 at amazon.com
This next stress ball is actually in honor of my little hot dog, dog; while I did not see any wiener dogs out there for a stress ball, this one definitely caught my eye. I like the fact that it is more different and outlandish than most stress balls, so not only will I be able to squeeze the foam out of it when I am stressed, but can you imagine this sitting on someone's desk? I know when I get mine in the mail and I bring it to work, the conversation around the water cooler are going to be quite interesting!



Brain Price: $2.95 at amazon.com
So the job that I work is actually in the hospitality field and with all of the numbers, all of the goals and all of the policies, my brain feels completely fried by the end of the day. Do you know what that calls for? Squeezing my brain stress reliever! Seriously though, this squishy little brain is not only good to squeeze, it's also awesome to throw at your colleagues or you can even use it as a brain-storming tool.



Heart Price: $4.31 at amazon.com
Okay ladies, similar to my hard hat squishy foam stress ball, the heart stress ball's shape is perfect for squeezing, squishing and even throwing at people. If you are looking to give your heart away without feeling any of the rejection or pain that goes along with it, this is the perfect stress ball for you! Few squeezes, couple squishes and a smush later and honest to goodness, you'll feel less stressed and totally relaxed, no matter what happens!


Dr. Freud

Dr. Freud Price: $7.95 at amazon.com
So maybe you are looking for something a little deeper in a stress ball, is that it? Heck, maybe you are just a fan of therapy; whatever your reasoning is, did you know that there is a Dr. Freud stress ball? His face is printed right on the ball so whether you agree or disagree with his philosophies, you can stretch, bend and smash his face over and over again. Oh my god, could you imagine the chatter if I put this on my desk?

So there you have it, guys! These are just a few of the cool stress balls that I have found. To me, it is all about the meaning behind the funky stress balls that work and what they say about you as a person. I love personality in my stress ball. What types of stress balls do you guys use or do you have any useful tips and tricks to get rid of some of that stress?

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