8 Fun Flirty Skirts ...

I love flirty skirts. Something with some pleats and a little kick to it, that’s my idea of flirty. I want something full and pretty, you know what I mean? Bearing that in mind, check out these fun flirty skirts, which sort of illustrate my definition of the term. I don’t even wear skirts a lot of the time, but I’m dying to try on some of these!

1. Spritzed with Glamour Skirt

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Price: $69.99 at modcloth.com
I adore ModCloth, and this particular fun flirty skirt is definitely one of the reasons why. The skirt itself is more than just feminine, it’s also full of whimsy – that has to be because of all that tulle! In addition to being fun, flirty, and floaty, it’s also sparkly – you can’t get better than that! The outer shell even has some bling, by way of the gold diamonds woven right into the fabric.

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