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8 Cutest Ripped Leggings ...

By Britni

I love fashionable leggings and tights. They are so comfortable and versatile in style. And I especially love the ripped legging style! Want to add some to your wardrobe? Here are 8 trendy ripped leggings and tights...

1 David Lerner

David LernerPrice $63.00 at

I love how these leggings are ripped in 3 different places. You can wear baby doll tee’s or a shirt that comes past your butt or a regular fitting graphic t-shirt. A nice pair of stilettos would set theseinteresting leggings off.

2 6126

6126Price $77.00 at

These are my favorite leggings. They are so unique, they look like a pair of stockings that a 5-year-old took a pair of scissors to! I would wear avintage graphic shirt with them that goes past the butt.


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3 LnA Ripped Noir Zipper Legging

LnA Ripped Noir Zipper LeggingPrice $115.00 at

These faux leather leggings are too hot. I would wear a similar outfit that Carrie Underwood has on. A white tank top, with a short cropped jacket or blazer, and a pair of heels. I would also add a long necklace. You will look like a rockstar!

4 Joe’s Jeans Zip Ankle Legging Jeans

Joe’s Jeans Zip Ankle Legging JeansPrice $98.00 at

This is more of a casual everyday jean legging or jegging. A baby doll t-shirt a pair of gym shoes and oversizedfabulous sunglasses would be make these leggings look oh-so-good.

5 Joe’s Jeans

Joe’s JeansPrice $98.00 at

I love the denim look to these leggings. You can dress these leggings up with heels or wear them casually with a pair of sneakers. I bet they'd look great with something red! Also, don't forget layers of chains and bracelets a la Miley Cyrus.

6 Horace Ripped Detail Leggings

Horace Ripped Detail LeggingsPrice $98.00 at

Lady Gagawore a similar pair of leggings! These are so adorable. If you’re a risky person such as myself you would get these and wear a very sexy shoe with a medium length top with a neutral blazer!

7 Leyendecker

LeyendeckerPrice: $68.00 at
This is a simple legging. I would wear it causally a long fitting shirt with some flip flops and huge hobo shopping bag! So cute!

8 Leyendecker- Lakota Legging

Leyendecker- Lakota LeggingPrice: $158.00 at
This is a unique pair of leggings. I would wear a solid colored top, black shoes, heels or sneakers. Don't wear a top with a print or large graphic, or your outfit will look too busy!

Would you wear any of these leggings? How would you put an outfit together with these leggings? Or have you seen another pair of ripped leggings you like more? Please let me know!

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