7 Ways to Wear Neutral Blazers ...


7 Ways to Wear Neutral Blazers ...
7 Ways to Wear Neutral Blazers ...

The blazer trendis huge right now and neutral blazers are everywhere at the moment, from movie premieres to fashion shows, and it’s not hard to see why. The tailoring is flattering, and the colours are just light enough to add a touch of femininity and class. They are an effortless way to update a look and every big designer is making some. Here are my favorites...

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Gap Heavy Jersey Blazer

Gap Heavy Jersey Blazer Price: $76 at asos.com
Gap’s classy yet cute take on this look is one of my favourites. Whether you are relaxing in jeans or dressing up a cute dress, the crop sleeves, buttons, deep neckline and folded collar make a very classic jacket which looks divine. Don't forget to carry a hot bag with it! I’ve already ordered mine!


Mango Tailored Blazer

Mango Tailored Blazer Price: $93 at asos.com
This crisp white blazer is perfect for Spring, as it’s made of cotton and is very lightweight! The simple design is flattering and stylish, and it’s the perfect jacket to team with a suit or jeans or even a cute floral dress as it adds instant glamour to every outfit. And Mango clothes are always high quality, so you know it will last too!


Minimum Relaxed Blazer

Minimum Relaxed Blazer Price: $136 at asos.com
This is a very chic take on neutral blazers, with a masculine slouchy look edited to be super flattering, and a unique light blue colour! It really makes white pop, so looks gorgeous with white dresses, but looks great with denim too. It’s a dreamy jacket if you are brave enough to wear it!


Sara Berman Frill Sleeve Blazer

Sara Berman Frill Sleeve Blazer Price: $119 at asos.com
This jacket is perfect for complimenting summer dresses, channeling classic prom cover-ups with a modern twist. I love the crisp look of white against spring dresses, and the cute cut and simple one-button fastening make it the ideal cover-up. It instantly adds effortless class and glamour and it goes well with anything! Try wearing over a black vest and denim shorts for a chic everyday look.


Selected Femme Soft Blazer

Selected Femme Soft Blazer Price: $256 at asos.com
This is a slightly different take on the neutral blazer look, teaming a longline jacket with simple, masculine tailoring and cropped sleeves. The mix of feminine, masculine and length makes it a truly unique jacket which adds an extra element to any outfit, and gives the wearer the illusion of a few extra centimetres. I love it! Team with fabulous shoes and delicate jewelry for best results.


Twenty8Twelve Cotton Longline Blazer

Twenty8Twelve Cotton Longline Blazer Price: $418 at asos.com
Another unique take on longline, this gorgeous creamy white blazer is single breasted and lightweight enough to wear all year round, but it’s the gorgeous details which really make it. The nipped in waist will give you a flattering hour glass shape from behind, and the front mixes formal blazer stylings with a simple look which makes it chic and elegant. Whether at work or play, this jacket is the perfect finishing touch! Of course, luscious red lips would help too ;)


Diesel High Shine Slouchy Blazer

Diesel High Shine Slouchy Blazer Price: $256 at asos.com
I love this jacket! Diesel has taken all the best bits of the trend, from the flattering cut to the crisp colour, and added a high shine finish and masculine detailing to make a very stylish and right on trend jacket. It looks great with skinny jeans or dresses and adds a distinctly Diesel touch to any outfit. I love it!

I love these blazers, and they make it so easy to ensure your look is right on trend! Simply choose a gorgeous dress, add a blazer and agorgeous necklace, and you are ready to go! Now I just need to decide which one to get... Have you found a neutral blazer I’ve missed, or do you have a favourite out of these? Please let me know!

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Great post- esp. love the last blazer- that extra shine makes for a fun contrast even when dressing it down with a t-shirt and denim cutoffs! xo, mel

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