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10 Hottest Miu Miu Bags ...

By Tiffany

Miu Miu was introduced to the world in 1992 and over the last decade has grown to be as familiar of a name in fashion as its mother company Prada. Recognized all over the fashion industry today Miu Miu can be found all over the world in high scale boutiques. You don’t have to go to the boutiques to pick up these great bags though! Available to consumers online and all over the world they’ve quickly grown popular in demand and the prices are lower then ever! Here is a list of the 10 Hottest Miu Miu Bags.

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  1. miu miu stage bag nappa cristal_bianco
  2. miu miu stage bag nappa cristal_nero
  3. miu miu stage bag lurex cristal_tamaris
  4. miu miu stage bag nappa cristal_acquamarina
  5. miu miu studded leather shoulder clutch
  6. miu miu quilted leather shoulder bag
  7. miu miu gathered leather tote
  8. miu miu large glazed leather tote
  9. miu miu quilted leather shoulder bag
  10. miu miu small matelasse leather hobo

1 Miu Miu Stage Bag Nappa Cristal_Bianco

Price: Upon Request at
One of the hottest Miu Miu bags is the Stage Bag. This white stage bag, made of leather, with gems making the entirety of the strap is super hot. Plain in appearance this bag is everything from the sort with a name like Miu Miu tagged on it. Wear this with your favorite sundress during the summer. If your not one for dresses this bag’s simple design and white color make it easy to accessorize with almost any outfit for any event.

2 Miu Miu Stage Bag Nappa Cristal_Nero

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My favorite stage bag out of the Miu Miu collection and the hottest in my opinion is the black stage bag made of a quilted leather material. This bag can match just about any outfit you wear. The strap is made of elegant gems that really give the purse an expensive look. This stage bag can be worn with your favorite black dress or black dress outfit. Wear it to work or on a date with your significant other.

3 Miu Miu Stage Bag Lurex Cristal_Tamaris

Price: Upon Request at
One of the hottest stage bags from Miu Miu is the quilted Lurex in Tamaris. Multi colored you can accessorize this purse or any of the other colors available with more then a few outfits from your closet. Wear it to school, work, shopping, or to a party. The strap is made of gems in one color that reflect the different colors of the purse. I would buy this one purse just because I love the design with the different colors and how they almost mix into each other. People are definitely going to ask you where you got this purse! Tell em’, Miu Miu!

4 Miu Miu Stage Bag Nappa Cristal_Acquamarina

Price: Upon Request at
My second favorite stage bag out of the 10 hottest Miu Miu bags is the Nappa bag in the acquamarina color. This is a very subtle, easy on the eyes, pretty color to adorn any of your outfits with. Adding to the simple design is the strap made up of gems. I’d wear this with my favorite blue jeans or with my favorite dress at a party.

5 Miu Miu Studded Leather Shoulder Clutch

Price: $795.00
The hottest clutch purse for those who aren’t into purses and don’t want to make a big fiasco out of what they chose is the black studded leather shoulder clutch. You can either wear the strap on your shoulder or hold the purse in your hand in busy areas. Wear it around town or on your next dinner date. I’d wear this purse with any one of my outfits due to the ease in matching black accessories with close.

6 Miu Miu Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

Price: $1450.00
Another one of Miu Miu’s hottest purses is this quilted leather shoulder bag. Available In white it has the perfect quilted look with the gold accent studs to add to the design. This purse has a turn lock feature in the front and a leather shoulder strap. The design really makes it simple for you to choose to wear this purse everyday with any outfit you chose to wear. One of the best things about Miu Miu is they’re designs are easy to use in everyday life.

7 Miu Miu Gathered Leather Tote

Price: $1150.00
One of the hottest larger bags from Miu Miu is the Gathered leather tote in a burnt sienna color. Looking for just the right splash of color with an outfit? Try this purse. This purse comes with leather handles for holding or a leather strap for putting it over your shoulder. I’d wear this with an all black outfit allowing the purse to really stand out.

8 Miu Miu Large Glazed Leather Tote

Price: $1295.00
The hottest large bag from Miu Miu you can carry everything with you that you could possibly need! Okay maybe not that much but it’s not often you find the functionality in a designer purse. You could wear this purse around with you with another purse! I would use this purse to carry a laptop, books, notebooks, or school work. Back packs are completely out of style and if you’re looking for a bag to carry stuff around in don’t settle with a back pack! Get a large tote like this one!

9 Miu Miu Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

Price: $1350.00
Probably one of my favorites out of the 10 Hottest Miu Miu bags is this blue quilted leather shoulder bag. A larger purse but not too big. This purse is large enough too carry the necessities. This bag is yet another made of leather with leather top handles big enough to go over your shoulder. I wouldn’t wear this purse to a date or out to a fancy dinner but I would wear it around school or back and forth on errands. This purse is more of a purse you’d find at your local department store then a designer purse. Just my opinion.

10 Miu Miu Small Matelasse Leather Hobo

Price: $1360.00
For sure one of my favorite Top 10 Hottest Miu Miu bags is this small hobo bag has a pleated side design truly giving it an elegant look. Besides elegance and the ease of being able to wear this purse with just about any outfit you have it’s a plus among purses for functionality. Not too large and not too small. Besides the cute braided arm strap this Matelasse hobo purse has a detachable shoulder strap for those who like to hang their purses over their shoulders. On the side is a key ring for forgetful girls like myself to put their keys or any key chains they have on. I wasn’t lying when I said this purse has the ease of being able to be worn with just about anything you own! Wear this cute little purse with your favorite jeans and t-shirt, to a party, to work, it doesn’t matter.

So now that you’ve reviewed the 10 Hottest Miu Miu bags and the everyday vision of Miu Miu it’s obvious the idea is mixed. Some purses are more for everyday and some purses in the collection you wouldn’t wear to just anywhere any day. If you don’t find something you like on this list of the 10 Hottest Miu Miu bags check the links for more purses available through the collection. This was not one of my favorite purse collections however this list of the 10 Hottest was voted upon and picked based on the votes of women between the ages of 16-25. What is your favorite Miu Miu bag?

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