10 Fabulous Yves Saint Laurent Bags ...

This past weekend, I cleaned out my closet and realized it’s been a long time — months! — since I bought a new bag. Yes, I like the ones I have now, but what girl doesn’t need a new handbag or clutch once in a while? So I did a little window-shopping, and these are the most fabulous Yves Saint Laurent bags I found… and I want them all!

1. Roady Hangbag

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Price: $1,395 at ysl.com
Available in electric blue or deep red, this roomy hobo bag is a must-have! I love the textured leather and the handy celly pocket on the inside, and the shiny nickel hardware! I’m adding the blue one to my Birthday wish list! There's gotta be someone out there who wouldn't mind gifting thisto me!

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