7 Golden Rules of Editing Your Closet ...

Edited by Tania Fedio

I admit it – I'm a **closet junkie **and a virtual pack rat.

When you open my closet – there are piles and piles of clothes which are a combination of items that I never wore, those that I wore only once – or even items which I had from as far back as I was a teenager!

I can't seem to throw anything in the hope that I'll see a particular outfit in a new light – or worse, in the off chance that I get to fit in them again.

And I do know that I have to get rid of about half of the stuff that I have, so I bought Nina Garcia's "**Little Black Book of Style**".

Here are her 7 golden rules (which I promise to follow) on how to "edit your closet".

1. Leave What Looks **good **on You

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