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7 Golden Rules of Editing Your Closet ...

By Mabelle

Edited by Tania Fedio

I admit it – I'm a **closet junkie **and a virtual pack rat.

When you open my closet – there are piles and piles of clothes which are a combination of items that I never wore, those that I wore only once – or even items which I had from as far back as I was a teenager!

I can't seem to throw anything in the hope that I'll see a particular outfit in a new light – or worse, in the off chance that I get to fit in them again.

And I do know that I have to get rid of about half of the stuff that I have, so I bought Nina Garcia's "**Little Black Book of Style**".

Here are her 7 golden rules (which I promise to follow) on how to "edit your closet".

Table of contents:

  1. leave what looks **good **on you
  2. buy the **right **size of clothes – not smaller
  3. don't be sucked in by the **sale **tag
  4. don't play it too **safe **– always add something extra
  5. do not buy according to the trends
  6. be ruthless when you edit
  7. edit your closets with your best friend together

1 Leave What Looks **good **on You

2 Buy the **right **size of Clothes – Not Smaller

3 Don't Be Sucked in by the **Sale **tag

4 Don't Play It Too **safe **– Always Add Something Extra

5 Do Not Buy According to the trends

6 Be Ruthless when You Edit

7 Edit Your Closets with Your Best Friend Together

In the pile of "**Toss**"clothes, you can find something that will look great on you, and she will surely find something for herself in your "Toss" file.

All right, so the first thing that I'll do is put on the "**Toss**" file anything that does not fit – and everything which makes me look all frumpy and awful.

Thank goodness that I'm the type who doesn't subscribe to **trends **that much – so I don't have a lot of not-trendy-anymore clothes to go through.

Lastly, I better call up my BFF after I sort through the "**Toss**" and "**Keep**" file – I'm sure we'll have a blast sorting through all that stuff from my closet. And I'm sure my friend will keep me in line so that I won't '**cheat**' and filch any item that I don't need.

Seriously, I don’t want to be a closet junkieanymore.

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