5 Tips for Wearing Headbands. This Season's Hottest Accessory!

****Headbands never go out of fashion. They are great to use on a bad hair day (because hats are soooo not appropriate in the office!) and are a cute accessory. There are some great headbands that you can use whether or not you have a bad hair day! Here are some tips for wearing headbands:

1. A Little Spray is Good!

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Hair spray is great to use especially on those thinner bands. Even if they have some type of grip underneath you should lightly spray around the headband for a good all day hold.

2. Keep It Simple!

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If you are wearing an amazing outfit with lots of detail keep the headband simple. You don't want the headband to fight with your outfit for attention.

3. Play with It!

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There are lots of different types of headbands to suit every mood, outfit and style. You can experiment with colors and textures to find a good look for you!

4. Bang It out!

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With bangs being all the rage right now you can still work your bands with a headband. Just seperate your bangs from the rest of your hair and put the headband a bit farther back. Then style your bangs as usual.

5. Pony It up!

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A headband with the scarf to tie around the back (like this one) looks great with a ponytail or messy bun. You can use a regular headband as well but the scarve gives it a little more.

Have fun with your new collection of headbands! But don't wear them all at once! :) Stay beautiful!

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