7 Fashion Faux-Pas to Avoid ...

Visit any mall, beach, airport, or school, and you’re bound to see dozens of people, women especially, sporting major fashion blunders. Muffin top from poorly-fitting jeans abounds, and you can barely keep the snarky comments inside your own head. What’s worse is realizing you might be making a fashion faux-pas of your own! Red my list, commit it to memory, and rest assured you won’t be making any of these fashion blunders anytime soon…

1. Muffin Top

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This is far and away my least favorite of all of the fashion faux-pas. It’s so unattractive, and so easy to avoid! Simply put, if your wear your jeans too small, that fat has to go somewhere — right over the top. It doesn’t help it you wear a clingy shirt, either… combined, you get muffin top. Ick!

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