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7 Denim Related Fashion Faux Pas ...

By Lyndsie

Denim is a staple. I mean, everyone has their favorite pair of jeans, the ones they can wear and look good no matter how they feel. I have something like ten pairs of jeans myself. They're my favorite pants to wear. No matter how classic denim is, however, there are just some things you need to avoid like the plague – and you can start out with the 7 denim related fashion faux pas listed here.

1 Mom Jeans

Mom JeansPhoto Credit: acupfullofsunshine

I know that “mom jeans” can be comfortable, but you have to admit that they aren't the most flattering pants in the world. And while you might feel like they're holding in your tummy and making you look slimmer, they can actually make you look larger than you really are. You might live in mortal fear of a muffin top, but I can tell you, as a girl, that I've seen muffin tops on other women and you know what? They still looked sexy.

2 Pajama Jeans

Photo Credit: lolais40.comI have to apologize in advance because y'all are probably going to be seeing me rant about these a lot. I get livid and froth at the mouth every time I see the commercial on TV. Pajama jeans will not make your butt look like that. You are going to look like you're wearing the most unflattering pants you could possibly find, and it is not worth it to shave off two seconds of time by not changing your pants before you go to the store.

3 Overalls

OverallsPhoto Credit: karin8700

I wore overalls so much when I was young, and I just shudder to think of it now. There was a time in the 1990s where they were actually popular … kind of. People still wear them of course, but look, I'm sorry. Unless you are a farmer or have some other occupation where overalls are a practical choice, just stay away. Don't give in to the temptation. They are not cute.

4 Jeggings

JeggingsPhoto Credit: BECC

I can just about live with skinny jeans, although they don't make me feel or look skinny, thanks. But jeggings – jean leggings, leggings made out of the stretchiest of stretch denim – are going a bit too far. I mean, you just don't need to see that. Skinny jeans are cute and leggings are cute too, I'll grant you, but like one of our commentators here said, you really do have to be careful so your situation isn't on display. The combination of jeans and leggings all but guarantees it will be, though.

5 Bleached Denim

Photo Credit:

When I talk about bleached denim, I'm referring to that whited out shade of denim that doesn't really have any determinate color, it just really looks awful. This kind of denim used to be cool in the 1980s, where thankfully I was too young to ever remember wearing it – therefore, I can get away with saying I didn't. And you shouldn't either.

6 Cutoffs

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Some cutoffs are cute. A lot are not. If you can see your panties beneath the hem of your cutoffs, then no. If your cutoffs fall down to your knees like Bermuda shorts, then no. If your cutoffs actually cut off the circulation to your legs, then no.

7 Double Denim

Double DenimPhoto Credit:

The idea of double denim is actually a little controversial now, with some fashion experts saying it's fine and others maintaining that it is awful and unseemly. I'm of that school. I think there is a thing as too much denim. It can get a little kitschy if you wear too much. I'll grant that sometimes your denim jacket might look okay with your jeans, but take a picture first, study yourself closely, and be absolutely sure.

Then again, one person's fashion faux pas is another person's favorite style. That's cool, because I know I wear things that would make other people scream. Do you have an outfit or article of clothing you love even though nobody else does?

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