8 Fashions I Wore That Make Me Cringe ...

Older readers will identify with me only to well when I say this: sometimes when I remember the outfits I used to wear, I wonder ‘What WAS I thinking??!’ Younger readers need not be smug though, as however fashionable you think you are now, the same thing will surely happen to you. It’s inevitable. Here are some of the ‘fashions’ I wore (at least, some of them were ‘in’ at the time) that make me cringe now I’m older and wiser …

1. Legwarmers

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Dear God, the Eighties could be cruel. The decade was responsible for some of the most appalling fashion crimes. At least those of us who were embarasssed at wearing them first time round can laugh that today’s youngsters think they’re being innovative in wearing them now, and don’t realise it’s all been done before.

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