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By Sheila

My day is incomplete without my daily dose of fashion blogs. I love checking out pictures of women all dolled up in fabulous clothes, purely from a fashion point of view might I clarify. Of course it's fun to see what people from around the world consider fashion but at the same time, it's also inspirational. Seriously! I would have never dreamed of trying on high waisted pants had it not been for one of my favorite fashion blogs. Whether you enjoy looking at pictures of fashionistas from all over or are a fashionista yourself, you WILL enjoy my latest find: is a fairly new website that allows women from all over to upload fashionable photos of themselves. Have something to say? Post a blog entry! Feel like sharing a video? Well, allows you to do that as well. The fun part is that other people from everywhere can rate your photos and videos so you could end up with quite an ego boost and let's face it, who doesn't like that? also offers you a chance to participate in online pageants and contests each

month. Yes, there are prizes AND the prestigious title of "Miss Chichi Girl"! Unfortunately, they don't have any pageants just yet, considering they've just launched but hey, that's just a matter of time. In case you're wondering, the price of an ego boost at is... NOTHING! Yes, it's completely free to join for both women and the men folk. Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

So pick a great picture (or pictures) of yourself and join now! You never know what you might win!

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