7 of My Worst Fashion Don'ts ...


7 of My Worst Fashion Don'ts ...
7 of My Worst Fashion Don'ts ...

I’m not a fashion expert or the one that likes to gossip and stick her nose into everybody’s business. However, leaving the house without even bothering to look at yourself in the mirror can have serious consequences, especially when your job involves working with people. Some people, however, really find juggling between their own style, fashion rules and trends, kind of difficult so the end result often puts me into a state of mind I can describe as, “If I weren’t so shocked, I’d start laughing!” Here’s what I consider mayor fashion sins:

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Black Lip Liner

Black lip liner, eyeliner applied to the wrong place, call it whatever you want, just don’t wear it. It wasn’t cool in the late 80’s or early 90’s and it definitely isn’t cool now, more than two decades later! The only thing worse than applying black lip liner is applying black lip liner without respecting the natural contours of the lips and, in case you think this pretty much sums it up, I’ll just add the black lip liner + red lipstick to this bunch.


Helmet Hair and Sleeping “dents”

Human head is a 3D object which, of course, means that is has more sides than we can see when checking ourselves in the mirror. Now, isn’t it funny when people forget this? Have this in mind next time you’re taking a bus or metro – you’ll see plenty of ladies and even gents that have taken the time to groom and polish everything except that place on the back of their heads. Yup, somebody has been sleeping on their back last night - you can tell that.


Synthetic Dresses

Satin is nice, viscose is great too and I’d gladly accept any blend as long as it contains some percentage of cotton, silk or any of those natural materials. Dresses made from that shiny, stretchy, cheap synthetic material, in the other hand, are not worth my money. They look cheap despite the stylish cut and all those trendy details plus, there’s no way you’ll ever feel comfortable wearing all that plastic. You might even catch on fire! Yup, it has happened before!


Millions of Belts

If I’m wearing one of those elastic belts that go on the waist, I definitely won’t try to belt my jeans with the regular one too. I’m a human – not luggage. Over-belting is an obvious no-no, if you can’t wear two pairs of shoes, you can’t wear two belts either. Right? You can combine two or even three of those thin belts but only if they are worn as one, which, of course, presumes you need to make up your mind and pick one portion of your waist to wear them on.


Odd Eyebrows

Tattooed thin lines and weird chopped off shapes make me want to get my brow pencil and say, “Here, hun, let me give you a hand.” Seriously, what makes people shave off their natural eyebrows and paint a line in the middle of their forehead? What makes them decide their eyebrows would look much better if they were shaped like smiley face turned upside down? Is having a surprised look on your face even when you’re sleeping a new trend?


Genetically Modified ZOO

Animal prints are great if you know how to dose them correctly. Having one, carefully chosen animal printed garment makes you a fashionista - combining the whole jungle makes you… well… a walking jungle. Tigers are not best friends with zebras, snakes don’t hang out with leopards either so, if these animals have enough common sense not to mix their prints, so should people.


Brands for the Sake of Brands

Yes, even a very expensive outfit can look bad on a certain person or a certain body type! That’s probably the reason why Armani brand is called Armani and not Perfect-Fit-For-All. What I especially hate is the fact that people who buy brands just so they could say “I’m wearing Armani”, always insist on the fact that it’s an Armani and openly ask for other people’s opinions on “How great their new Armani looks”. God forbid you even decide to be brutally honest and tell them there was a reason that unflattering cut was on sale! I’ll rather look great wearing off brand garments than look ridiculous in a branded product that obviously doesn’t suit me. Oh yeah, and I totally disagree with that “off brand products can’t look good” opinion.

Now, since this post turned out to be one of those long ones, I’ll just ask you one quick question – Which fashion mistakes could give your pretty face a totally shocked expression?

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I've worn two belts before. But only because one was holding up my pants, and couldn't be seen. I wouldn't ever be caught otherwise wearing more than one belt. That, and I didn't want a saggy-looking butt or a formless shape.

Black lip liner? Do people really outline their lips in black, I guess I don't get out enough. I can't imagine what advantage it would have!

As for the eyebrows, if it's an older woman (like 50-60ish) it may be because when they were teens or young adults, shaving your eyebrows back then was the trend. Of course, the trend included drawing on eyebrows... but that part of the eyebrow never grows back!

lolololol LOVE the description on number 6!

the shaved eyebrow , a freaky mistake

Orange fake tans. I'd rather be pale and not an oompa loompa.

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